New Products From Sally Hansen Natural Beauty by Carmindy

This may sound weird, but sometimes I like to go to the 24-hour drugstores late at night on the weekends just because I can. It’s something to do, and the stores aren’t crowded at 11-12 at night, hehe. On my last latenight drugstore trolling trip I found a couple of new products from the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty by Carmindy line! I found them at Long’s. I did not purchase them yet. Check it out…

Here we have the Ultra Soothing Lip Tint…basically a lip balm. The shades are pretty (the main one pictured is Pinkberry).

Spray Airbrush Foundation! Carmindy uses one by ERA on What Not To Wear, so it’s not surprising this is a product she would want in her own line. There was a fairly decent range of shades, and the price was around $12ish, I believe.

Here’s a better shot of the packaging. :)


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