November Favorites

It’s November favorites time!!! Woo woo! Since I started a new job in November I have been wearing a lot more makeup, but I’ve also been getting up super early and spending a LOT of time in my car, so I’ve just been keeping a few choice products in a makeup single makeup bag and “living” out of that bag (plus the various lip products in my purse…)

Makeup-wise, I’ve been loving my Sephora Lash Stash like crazy. I love all of the choices for mascara!! I’ve tried 2 new ones this month, Benefit They’re Real and Clinique High Impact. I was sort of underwhelmed with the Benefit mascara (it’s fine, but there’s so much hype about it I was expecting it to be AMAZING), but I really like Clinique High Impact. It is very black and makes my lashes look half-way decent. They’ve been looking kind of sh*t lately but the mascara makes them look nice.

I also finally broke down and got the Wet ‘n Wild Comfort Zone palette that it seems everybody raves about. I really like it. It’s worth picking up. Only thing I would criticize is I wish it had a mix of shimmer & matte instead of all shimmers, but it’s a really nice little palette for what, $5? That’s a no-brainer. The shadows are gorgeous and pigmented. A little powdery but it’s totally workable.

For cheeks, it’s been all about NARS blush! I’ve been digging in to my Danmari Palette quite often, opting usually for Orgasm or Desire, and occasionally contouring carefully with Casino (try saying that 10 times fast!). I love all the shades except for the highlighter, which is part of the Hungry Heart duo. I have just never liked that duo I think it’s kind of chunky and glittery. Albatross or TheBalm’s Mary Loumanizer are way better! But the blushes are superb and continue to be favorites in my collection.

Lips-wise I’ve been getting back into gloss lately. It’s kind of an odd time of year I guess since usually mattes and demi-mattes rule the winter, but maybe that’s the precise reason I am gravitating toward them? I don’t know. But I’ve been using NARS lip gloss as well as Chanel glossimers, and just recently I picked up another couple of Rimmel Stay Glossy lip glosses. All three have formulas that are simply fantastic; not sticky, long-lasting, and beautiful colors.

I started a new hair care regimen mid-month; because on black Friday I picked up Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy shampoo and conditioner. I have the version meant for damaged or colored hair. So far I really like it. My hair has responded well to it anyway. It seems to stay clean longer, and has a ton of body. I also really like how it smells. :3 haha Each are about $6 at the drugstore. I got mine at Rite Aid.

No new favorites to report in the skincare department; I’m still loving on all the same stuff I’ve been using lately. I do plan on doing a post about my skin care routine in the near future though!

And as usual, some random other favorites!

TV! I’m a Netflix addict. I have been watching Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares lately and I just LOVE it. Handsome man screaming obscenities and cooking? Yes please. haha… I’ve also been watching a little bit of Cake Boss here and there too.

Musically, I have been grooving a lot to The Black Keys and other similar bands. I made a Black Keys station on Pandora and it’s nice. Includes a lot of White Stripes, and other bluesy artists – even Ray Charles. Good stuff.

Do you suffer from iphone app addiction? I do. And lately it’s Tiny Tower that I’m addicted to. If anyone else plays, let me know so we can share in the obsession. ;)

Those have been my favorites for November! What were yours?


  1. Thanks for this awesome list. I’ve been using some of the products on your list and they are really great. What’s a good BB cream brand that you can recommend?

    • I haven’t tried too many BB creams, but I like Dr. Jart and Skin79.

  2. Kathryn says

    Great Post! Nars is one of my absolute favorites and it was the only brand that had my favorite shade of a deep red-orange lip gloss!

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