November Favorites

Blah blah blah, cliché phrase about how it feels like I just wrote my October Favorites blah blah etc. :) -ahem- Hi! It’s time for another installment of my monthly favorites! Here’s what I was loving on during the month of November.

Old Navy Fuzzy Slippers
See, this is why I don’t do fashion posts very much. Because when I do, I mention things like my new chenille slippers from Old Navy. I normally wear a size 8 shoe so I got medium, and they fit me great. They’re super warm and cozy, and of course very soft. Most of our house is tile or wood laminate floor, and I almost always have cold footies anyway, so I have been much happier now that I have these. They do not have a sole that would make them suitable for wearing outside, but they’re great house slippers. They’re $10 right now, marked down from $12.50. I’ve been living in them this past month.

Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation
I reviewed this foundation earlier this month, but it’s worth mentioning again. I have been wearing this a lot! It’s so skin-like once it’s on. People will compliment you on your beautiful skin, not your makeup. It’s a water-based gel formula that looks so natural and won’t accentuate dry patches (hooray!). I still love my HD foundation but this is great stuff too. Yet another awesome product from MUFE. It’s a bit expensive at $38, but foundation is one area I think a splurge is worth it. If you are wondering, I wear shade 38 which is for porcelain skin with pink undertones. Available only at Sephora. I have been using it in conjunction with my next favorite.

A $20 sponge? Really? I had a gift card to DermStore, I swear. Anyway, I decided to give the little pink egg sponge a try to see what everyone’s been on about for all this time. I have the similar sponge made by Sonia Kashuk for $10, and I wanted to see if there was really a difference. Well, yes and no. I think both are absolutely wonderful tools, but the pointed end of the beautyblender gives it that extra edge. It’s also a little softer to the touch than the SK sponge. This gives such a flawless finish to my foundation! I’m glad I got the 2-pack, because I have another to keep in my freelance kit.

NARS Laguna Bronzer
I got an itty bitty mini Laguna bronzer as part of my Sephora Friends & Family haul, and I was anxious to try it. I have heard so many people say that Laguna is universally flattering. But I’m so pale. So many bronzers look awful on me! Much to my surprise, I really like Laguna. It has shimmer in it, which makes it different from my other favorite bronzer (TooFaced Chocolate Soleil). However, applied with a big fluffy brush it looks very nice and pretty on. It imparts a really pretty glow, and I am loving it. Even though the mini is small, it will last a while since the bronzer itself is so pigmented. But when I do run out, I could see myself purchasing a full size. It’s $32 though, and since bronzer isn’t a necessity in my beauty routine, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Skincare-wise my favorites lately are things I’ve mentioned– the Best Bath Store Acne Facial Bar and the ELF Zit Zapper. Nothing really new to report there. Love ’em both still. My acne is reduced to just a couple really insignificant little spots on my chin that are healing nicely.

I’ve been badly neglecting my nails this month. They’re chipped to hell right now, uneven, and yellowed. BUT! I have been really enjoying my first experience with butter LONDON polish– All Hail The Queen. This is a taupe polish with silvery holo glitter. It’s beautiful. When it’s not chipped off and ragged. It’s limited edition I believe, but in stock on the last time I checked.

And finally, hair. I have been sticking with my new holy grail shampoo and conditioner – Alterna Caviar Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner. It’s still love with these guys. My hair has truly never felt better. Despite needing a cut badly (I’m months overdue), my hair isn’t dry looking or raggedy. I’ve also added Alterna Caviar Rapid Repair Spray to my arsenal, which is an extra conditioning boost that adds shine, too. Alterna is available (online only) from Sephora, and at least some of it is at Ulta. The prices aren’t for the faint of heart, but the results are amazing. This would be a great thing to splurge on with those xmas gift cards! Yes, I do still use the It’s a 10 Miracle Product I raved about previously. It just depends on what the weather’s like, how I can expect my hair to behave, etc. Sometimes I use the It’s a 10, and other times I use the Rapid Repair. It’s a 10 is a bit heavier. I got a great tip that you can cut it up to half and half with water and it still works just as great, so I will try that out.

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