NYX Boudoir Collection Mascaras

Raise your hand if you got excited when NYX launched a collection of 7 new mascara formulas with 7 unique wands? Ooohh, me, me, me!

Raise your hand if you’ve also tried a couple of them and been sorely disappointed.


LAME! I picked up 2 of these mascaras at IMATS and I don’t really like either one too much. It’s not so much that they’re bad mascaras, they just don’t really do anything, while making lots of claims.

Le Frou Frou

The Le Frou Frou mascara (sorry can anyone type this with a straight face?) says it will volumize and lengthen lashes. The brush is described as a “dense dome brush” to reach every lash.

Well first of all does that look like a dense dome brush to anyone? Also, this mascara doesn’t lengthen or volumize (much) at all. In fact it pretty much just tinted my lashes black, and maybe thickened them a tiny bit. If you want a very natural lash look, you might actually like it. But I wanted big black volumized, lengthened lashes! Like it said it would do!

But this mascara did find a home; I ended up giving it to my mom since she actually likes natural-looking lashes (weirdo! hehe). Truly, she has good reason for liking a more natural lash look – she wears glasses and finds that if she lengthens her already fairly long lashes with mascara, it just smudges on her glasses and makes a mess. So practical. xoxo

La Amoureux 

What the f does “la amoureaux” mean, NYX? It’s supposed to mean “the lover” or the sweetheart, but it’s not even correct. To be correct it would be “l’amoureaux”. So what the deuce, NYX? Nobody over there can fact check? But I digress…

This mascara is slightly better than Le Frou Frou in that it says it’s supposed to volumize and curl and it does sorta actually curl. It really only curls my outer lashes noticeably and the effect doesn’t last that long, but it’s TRYING. As for volume? Not really. And it just gets sticky when you try to layer it, which weighs down your lashes and – wait for it – takes the curl out.

These are each $6 from NYX/Ulta/Cherry Culture, but honestly don’t buy them. There are other mascaras out there that can give you a natural look; don’t buy a mascara that  claims to do other things and just happens to give you a natural look.

Also, I tried to photograph what these looked like on my lashes and you could barely tell I was wearing any mascara. So that happened.


  1. Thank you for saving many of us some money. (I hate it when mascaras just…fizzle.)

  2. OutInAPout says

    So that happened. Lol. Yeah, those have to be two of the most standard looking mascara wands I’ve ever seen!

  3. Mai says

    LOL that is some horrible French fail

  4. Nyckimbo says

    Seems NYX wasted more time on naming these babies instead of developing decent formulas.

  5. Mamzelle KitKat says

    In fact, the real French word for “the lover” is  “l’amoureux” …

  6. thank you.. sharing valuable information share with us.

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