NYX Mood Gloss Review

One of the things I snagged at IMATS LA was this NYX Mood Lip Gloss. This is their original first shade. It’s still sold packaged like this through Cherry Culture, but no longer through NYX. NYX has since renamed this shade “Romantic Love” and changed the packaging since they have other colors now. But they were selling these older packaging tubes at the show (probably to get rid of the old packaging). As with many things stuck near the cash register just to entice you, this did just that.

I haven’t tried any of the other more expensive mood glosses (Smashbox O Gloss comes to mind), but they basically are a clear gloss with pigments in it that adjust to your body heat. Kinda nifty. But since I hadn’t tried one before I figured what the hey, might as well try the concept on a cheap gloss than spring for the spendy stuff.

What I wasn’t expecting was for this to become my go-to gloss lately. No, really. The novelty afterthought lip gloss is my go-to. Why? Well first it looks like this on me —

I LOVE the color that it settles on once it “develops”. But I also love this gloss because it feels really nice on the lips. The formula is very moisturizing and not sticky at all. In fact it’s quite slick, and very shiny. It has a sweet sort of fruity-sugary scent that I enjoy, too. I can throw this on and not worry about having to apply balm or whatever underneath. The gloss is actually pretty long-lasting, too. If you apply it and just let it sit (not eating or drinking) it’ll stay on and moisturize your lips for hours. It ever so slightly stains too, which I like.

So if you’re looking for a moisturizing lip gloss, check this out! I really like it. If you aren’t hip to the mood color changing aspect, there’s also a blue one for smile brightening that looks clear on the lips. I think I’ll be trying out all of these colors if they’re all as nice and lip-friendly!

NYX Mood Gloss retails for $4.50, or $3.99 for the original at Cherry Culture.

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