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I mentioned recently that I’d been trying a couple of NYX mascaras that I wasn’t wild about and wasn’t going to review. Well, guess I lied haha. I’ve been trying NYX Propel My Eyes mascara and Fly With Me mascara. Turns out, I don’t particularly like Fly With Me, but I do actually sorta like Propel My Eyes. It’s not a holy grail, but I thought it was worth discussing.
NYX says this wand has a “4-way pinwheel design”. Honestly, it’s kind of hard to tell when the wand is coated with mascara, haha. It’s designed to give your lashes lift. The formula is said to be conditioning due to the ingredients panthenol (vitamin B) and green tea extract. Alright, that’s what they say, here are my thoughts.
Application & Effect – Propel My Eyes mascara definitely gives my lashes a lot of lift. I am usually too lazy to curl my lashes unless it’s a special occasion, but my lashes don’t really need it with this product on. I apply my mascara in an upward and outward motion, which already lifts them quite a bit, but combined with this mascara I get a nice fan of lashes. The application requires a little bit of combing to keep my lashes from sticking together. Propel My Eyes mascara comes in one shade, “Jet Black”. It’s black enough even for Bernard Hopkins! I notice more lengthening than volumizing, though it does also volumize. The length is great.
Wear – Here’s where I get a little unhappy. My tube is a couple months old already so it might just be a sign of its age, but I do see a little flaking and smudging after it’s been on for a while. That makes me a sad panda. 
Flaking mascara makes me a sad panda.
Now here’s where I have a major issue with the mascara. It’s $13 bucks. That’s on the low end for a high end mascara, but for NYX, that’s pretty high. Doll Eyes mascara is only $9, and their “classic” long lash mascara is only $5, so why the huge jump in price? To put it in perspective, MAC mascaras are $14. I know NYX is trying to develop more “advanced” products, such as their HD line, but this just isn’t a $13 mascara. So I like it, but I wouldn’t buy it at full price. 
If you do decide to buy this, or any other NYX products, I highly recommend BeautyJoint.
Sample provided for editorial purposes.


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