October Favorites

So what it’s a week into November already…I’m doing my October favorites and you’re gonna LIKE IT. :) As usual I don’t know what to use as a picture for my ‘favorites’ post so in keeping with tradition, here’s a random fun picture. This time it’s Barack Obama holding a book. :D My favorites for October are pretty simple, because I was SICK during October. That means my favorites all kind of go along with that…read on to find out more!

Makeup Favorites

I didn’t wear makeup very often during October, but a standout favorite for the past month has been NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Pop Life. Pop Life was an unexpected impulse purchase at The Makeup Show in Chicago this past summer. I love this pencil as a fun punch of color that isn’t too in your face. The MUA recommended it to me when I asked her how the heck to wear Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bolero without it looking like a chalky hot mess. She was like “omg, I’m wearing it right now!” and it looked incredible. What she’d done is layer it on top of Pop Life and sort of blend out the edges. STUNNING. Instant sale! I had to have it. I’ve worn it that way and like it a lot, but lately I’ve been wearing it on its own. The color description says “true shimmering red”, but I think it leans a little warm and almost ever so slightly coral. Pop Life normally retails for $24, but it’s in stock at Beauty.com and they’re currently having their Friends & Family sale. Click here to get 20% off your order at Beauty.com!

Nail Favorites

I have been really liking a specific base and top coat for my nails! For a base coat I’ve been liking OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, and for a top coat my latest favorite is Essie Good To Go. It dries fast and shiny like Seche Vite, but doesn’t cause shrinkage at the tips. The Julep base coat is promising too, but I’m still fooling around with it and seeing how I like it.

Hair Favorites

I don’t have a whole lot to say about my hair favorites except they’re good products that do what they say they will. And my hair favorites right now are Redken Extreme Anti-Snap, a leave-in treatment, and Alterna Caviar Brunette Anti-Aging Shampoo & Conditioner! I have noticed that my color has stayed nicer looking longer since starting to use this shampoo/conditioner duo. You all know I love me some Alterna! By the way, Beauty.com carries Alterna too, but it would seem this shampoo/conditioner aren’t carried on their site. :( They have the one for blondes and for redheads though!

Skin Care Favorites

Just a couple of these! For turning my dry, flaky nose back into a normal human nose, I have to shout out The Body Shop Vitamin E night cream. It was a huge help. And then on my face I started using Murad Post-Acne Lightening Gel to help with some of the stubborn red marks still left behind from past breakouts. It smells really gross, but this stuff works. It’s very expensive ($60), but I think if you can afford it, it’s completely worth to spend money on your skin. To save a little cash, this product is also available from Beauty.com’s Friends & Family sale.

Non-Beauty Favorites

During the month of October I discovered some non-beauty favorites that I wanted to share as well! First, Mucinex. If you get Martian Death Cold like I did, you’ll thank me! I am also happy that I have a Virgo mom who keeps the house stocked with every possible supplement and treatment from our local Sprouts. She force fed me gummi vitamins every night (ok not forced…) and got me Elderberry Syrup, which is an antioxidant-packed immune booster. It also tastes like really really sweet candy, which was kind of a negative for me as it’s almost TOO sweet, but my mom loves it and I’m pretty sure I’m just crazy so it’s safe to say you’ll probably like it too. I also recommend Sambazon Acai juice. It’s a delicious and also jampacked full of antioxidants.

And since this is my blog and I do what I want, one last non-beauty favorite: Crystal Light On-The-Go Energy! I first tried this stuff because of my work for Crystal Light on their social media, but MAN is it an effective energy drink!!!! It’s sugar free, but has B vitamins and caffeine – as much as 2 cups of coffee actually. There were several mornings during which my sleepy ass was saved only by that drink. It comes in a few flavors. My favorite is the Wild Strawberry but mom and I are both really liking the Grape too.

Those were my October favorites! What were yours??

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