Ofra Cosmetics Fixline Eyeliner Review


Recently I posted my review of Ofra Cosmetics’ Makeup Fixer setting spray, which I love. Another product Ofra gave me is their Fixline Eyeliner. I’m not really a big eyeliner person in general, but I’ve been exploring it more lately so I was interested in giving this a try.

Oh. Em. Gee. This eyeliner may bring me back to gel eyeliners. I would have to say that when I do wear eyeliner I normally gravitate towards using a shadow with a liner brush or a pencil. I find those to be the easiest ones to work with. However, this little baby is really good and is definitely winning me over.


This gel liner comes in a teensy little jar (about the same size as a Stila mini smudgepot). It’s only 5g of product, but I really don’t mind that because this is a product that does dry out and go bad eventually. You also need a very little bit of it at a time, so this little jar will last a long time. The consistency is what I like best. When I dip my brush in, to me it looks more creamy and honestly almost mousse like because it’s so soft. I find that to be a VERY nice texture to work with because you don’t really get any skipping when you’re making your line, similar to a liquid liner. However since it is a gel, you can work slower than with a liquid and it’s more forgiving. I can push it into my upper lashline and tightline with it without having to hope it doesn’t end up anywhere else, haha.

Basically, I like that this eyeliner makes me look good. In other words, makes it look like I’m a total pro at applying eyeliner. I’m so not. And I’m the first one to admit it. The “beauty things I suck at” tag? I could sum it up pretty quickly: EYELINER. But because Ofra’s Fixline Eyeliner is soooo easy to use, I can apply it with confidence.

The particular color I have is their blackety blackest black called Triple Black. Ofra Fixline Eyeliner is available in 6 other colors: Black, Shiny Green, Aqua Goddess, Brown, Navy, and Purple. I hope more colors are developed in the future because I LOVE this so far. It is available from Ofra Cosmetics for $17.

If you’re wondering what brush I use to apply it, I have been loving the Bdellium Tools 710 eyeliner brush, which is a really really fine tip brush. Another similar one that I like as well is the MAC 210. If you are looking for a pointed brush, I recommend the Bdellium Tools brush over the MAC one because it’s a bit firmer and much cheaper while still being high quality. It’s also synthetic so if you’re vegan etc. that’s an important consideration. :)

BUT BACK TO THE EYELINER. This post is about eyeliner.

For those of you who saw me post this photo on Instagram, I am wearing the Ofra Fixline Eyeliner Gel in it!


The day this photo was taken, I wore this eyeliner to work (haha, pic was actually taken at work hence the bright-ass lighting). I applied it around 8:15 and wore it til before bed at around 11 and it looked exactly like this when I removed it. Pretty damn impressive.

Speaking of Instagram, if you’re not following me on Instagram please do! I love love love Instagram and I love seeing other people’s photos so if you follow me I’ll follow you back. :) I will warn you though I post many many pics of cats. But if you like cats, you’ll enjoy my Instagram feed very much. :D

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  1. Is this eyeliner waterproof also on the lower water line?

    • Alyson says

      Hi! The term “waterproof” refers to a very specific quality in a product that has to adhere to certain guidelines. This eyeliner isn’t waterPROOF necessarily but it wears really, really long!

  2. Shazia Noman says

    Is this eye liner dermatologe and opthalmologe tested

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