Oh the Anticipation…

There’s something kind of thrilling or exciting about getting packages in the mail, isn’t there? I have something coming that I’m excited about! I’m definitely going to review it for you. Have you ever heard of [ comfort zone ]? The brackets in the name are kinda cheesy (I’m not one to pay attention to punctuation in names) but I like the concept. The idea behind the brackets is to symbolize a space created for beauty and well-being in our hectic everyday lives. Yeah. How could that not sound appealing? [ comfort zone ] is an offshoot of Italian brand Davines S.p.a.

I’m going to be trying and reviewing 2 products from [ comfort zone ]’s tranquility line, which they call an “aromatic body ritual”. Snazzy, yeah?

The first I’ll be trying is Tranquility Shower Cream, which is described as “aromatic and indulging”. Um, yum! It contains vanilla and rose oil, along with something called TriMoist, which is a complex developed to mimic the skin’s mechanisms for hydration. Sounds very science-y and science was one of my weakest subjects in school, so I’m going to concentrate on the aromatic and indulging vanilla rose part. ;) 
I’m also going to try the accompanying [ comfort zone ] body cream. The [ comfort zone ] website has another very science-y explanation for how fragrance molecules become captured by your nose and works with your brain to produce feelings of well-being, which I think is science-y talk for “this smells really, really good”. It has the same vanilla and rose oils. 
Ahh! This just sounds so yummy and soothing and … I really wish it were here already so I could try it! I love the holiday season, but sometimes this time of year can also be stressful. A cozy shower cream and luxurious body cream sound like just the remedy.

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