Panty Banter

Okay girls, let’s talk panties.

No, really. I talk about fashion from time to time, so…panties. Particularly thongs. Now, it seems to me that often we have a choice: sexy underoos, or comfy underoos. When something that is comfortable and sexy comes around, it costs an arm and a leg. One example of this is the Hanky Panky thong. Every gal I know who is a Hanky Panky devotee sings the praises of these panties to high heaven, but the damn things cost $25 a pair! Apparently they’re the most comfortable thong ever made and they do your dishes and turn you into a supermodel, BUT $25 a pair??? Ouch!

So when I discovered Old Navy has a “lace-trimmed thong” that looks suspiciously similar to a Hanky Panky for — are you sitting down? — $2.99+ for a pair, I had to investigate. So here’s Old Navy’s lace thong:

Yeah, it looks pretty much identical to a Hanky Panky to me too. So I ordered a few for like, gosh, $2.99 each on Black Friday. These aren’t one size fits most like the HPs (btw if you are above a size 14 you can pay extra (!) and get one size fits most bigger butts plus size HP thong– but who wants to pay even MORE than $25 a pair? and the color range is limited at best…). That’s a huge bonus for me, because I knooow everyone says the HP thongs really do stretch to fit everyone from a skinny mini to…well…me. But do I really believe them? Not so much. Old Navy’s come in sizes from XS to XXL. Yay! Panties for everyone.
But are they comfortable? YES. Shockingly so, actually. If you’re anti-thong, even you should try these. Even though these are sized and are not a one-size-fits-some expand-a-panty, they do have a lot of stretch and the lace waistband does not dig in one bit. They are truly an awesome marriage of comfort and sex appeal! My favorite part about these is that in addition to being economical and comfortable, they are CUTE. They come in a BUNCH of cute colors (and prints!) and since it’s Old Navy you know they’re going to rotate out various colors depending on the season.
So get your butt to Old Navy and grab some of these. They’re kind to your wallet, your booty, and the public since we won’t see your VPL. ;)

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