Paris Hilton Passport Fragrance Collection – South Beach

Before I received this perfume to review, I’ll admit I’d never heard of it. I think I could only name 2 Paris Hilton fragrances off the top of my head, but there are over a dozen of them! I really had no idea how many there were.

The passport collection consists of South Beach, Tokyo, and Paris. The concept behind the passport collection is fun and the bottle artwork is really adorable! The South Beach bottle features a sort of cartoon/anime style drawing of a girl hitting up South Beach. It’s bright and colorful and looks cute on a vanity. Well, I think so anyway. Comments I read described it from cute, to “looks like a Japanese deodorant” to “is this a $5 perfume”? Whatever. Live a little. It’s perfume not haute couture jewelry or something. Besides, would you expect anything less from Paris Hilton? Really?

I really like how accessible this perfume is price-wise. It’s just $25 for the 1 oz bottle and $45 for the 3.4 oz at Macy’s. South Beach is a very young smelling perfume, but I’m 24 and I don’t feel like I’m wearing little girl body spray, so I think it would be suitable for teens as well as young women like myself. I like the price point because a high school girl could easily come by $25 if she fell in love with the scent, which isn’t a stretch as it’s pretty easy to love.

Top Notes: Nectarine, Lotus flower, White Freesia
Middle Notes: Jasmine sambac, Marigold, Osmanthus
Base Notes: Blonde woods, Australian sandalwood, Musk

Paris Hilton Passport collection Launch – Feb 26th 2011 in Riverside, CA (Macy’s in the Galleria at Tyler).

After initially spraying this on, I can smell the lotus and freesia quite clearly, with the nectarine also making a grand entrance. It’s very “TA-DA!!! HERE I AM! LOOK AT ME I AM CUTE!”. It calms down quite quickly and I absolutely love the dry-down of this fragrance. The super sweet flowery top notes had me scared this was going to smell like my high school locker room, but the woods and florals meld together into this really mellow, downright sophisticated scent that is so pleasant.

“TA-DA! Look at ME!” Hmm wonder where the perfume got that?
Paris poses for the papz at the launch of the Passport collection at Macy’s in Riverside CA.
p.s. Someone please buy me those loubs…

Another thing about this fragrance that makes it ideal for the younger set is it doesn’t come on so strongly that you have to be that careful about over-applying. It doesn’t have the greatest lasting power compared to other perfumes I’ve reviewed, so you could apply a few spritzes without it being overdoing it (seriously. have you ever tried explaining moderation to a teenager? yeah.) so don’t worry about that.

Is this perfume any great endeavor into newly charted territory? No. Is it adorable and sweet? Yes. Definitely worth a try. This could be your new guilty pleasure perfume! I think it’d make a great gift, too.

Sample provided for editorial purposes.


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