PHAMExpo 2014 Is Coming!


I’m extremely pleased and excited to announce that I will be attending and covering PHAMExpo 2014! PHAMExpo stands for Professional Hair And Makeup Expo.

PHAME was created to fill the void left in the summer lineup after IMATS LA moved to January. Like IMATS LA it takes place in late June at the Pasadena Convention Center. 2014 will be the 2nd year PHAME has been held. If you’re unfamiliar with PHAME or not sure it’s worth making travel arrangements to attend, etc. let this post be what convinces you. You need to go!

#1. Get Your Idol On

Some of the biggest names in the beauty world will be at PHAMExpo dropping knowledge on you. People like Damone Roberts, Sam & Nic Chapman, Sam Fine, Michael O’Rourke, and Donna Mee.

#2. PHAMEous Nail Competition!

Love amazing nails? Come check out the newly launched PHAMEous Nail Competition and watch competitors compete for fame and glory in the world of nail art. There’s still time to enter, too. For more details check here.

#3. Hands On Workshops

As much as soaking up knowledge from the speakers will transform your life (no joke, hearing these mega talented people give their tips has changed the way I do my makeup ever since!), some people like to get their hands dirty and learn by doing. Grab your kit and your model and sign up for a master class! More details here.

#4. Shop Til You Pop

Duh. There’s an amazing array of vendors lined up for PHAMExpo just waiting for you to show up and shop. For a full list of vendors, click here. There are a lot of brands that are normally online only, so this is a great chance to ogle things in person that you normally would have had to guess about!


PHAMExpo 2014 takes place June 28th & 29th at the Pasadena Convention Center. Get your tickets here! I hope to see you at the show.

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