Philosophy Gingerbread House Set

When I announced getting a box of yummy Philosophy goodies on Twitter, this review was requested by naturalNchicmakeup. First of all, how cute are these? Philosophy comes up with the cutest gift sets, and this is no exception! The gift box is very sturdy, well-made, and I don’t think you would even need to wrap it. Just stick a tag on, maybe a bow, and you’re done. Adorable. Each shower gel is 8 oz, which is a pretty large size. They are both 3-in-1 shower gel, bubble bath, and shampoo. I would stick to using as shower gel or bubble bath though. The Gingerbread Girl has gold glitter suspended in the gel while the Gingerbread Man does not. They smell pretty much the same to me. Not sure if that’s because they’re supposed to, or because my nose isn’t distinguishing enough. ;)
The smell is more gingery and less gingerbready than I would have hoped. It’s not unpleasant at all, but if you remember the Philosophy Cookbook from years past, that had a gingerbread scent in it that is to die for. This scent lacks the heavy bakery notes. Some of you (including my boyfriend) may prefer that. This scent is closer to ginger ale than a baked good. I have read that this smells very similar to the Origins ginger fragrance, and it’s been a while but from what I remember that is a fair assessment. 
Both products lather really well and leave my skin feeling clean and smooth without feeling stripped or irritated (some heavily fragranced products have the potential to irritate sensitive skin). Where this falls a bit short with me is the Gingerbread Girl. This has a ton of gorgeous gold glitter in it, which does not translate to my skin at all. I was hoping to have a sparkly glow after my shower from the tiny particles of glitter. No go. The glitter in this shower gel is not gritty or anything; it’s very tiny particles. It looks pretty on the shelf in my shower, but doesn’t do anything special for me that Gingerbread Man couldn’t do. However, in reading the Sephora reviews of this product, others mention getting a glittery glow. Maybe I’m just so pale that it doesn’t show up? Either way, now I have 2 bottles of this neat ginger scent.
I do recommend this set if you like ginger scents. It would also make a great gift because of the cute packaging. The set retails for $20 and is available exclusively at Sephora.
Product sample provided for editorial purposes.

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