Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Pop – Green Eyes

I know these have been out for a while, but don’t we all love swatches? :) There are some things I like about this palette and some things I don’t. Anyway, I won’t babble… here is the Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Pop in Green Eyes. Of course, you can use these colors on any eye color… but yeah. You can click the photos to view them much, much bigger.

So here you go. You get 9 eye shadows. PF suggests these are three trios in one palette, and if you get intimidated by palettes with tons of colors this is a good way to think about it. The skinniest ones are meant to be liners. The palette comes with a kinda unique-shaped applicator that I haven’t seen elsewhere. It could be used for lining or for applying shadow. Nifty! It’s not particularly soft but not too terrible either. I used it to do my swatches. 
At the top of this picture there’s the best example I got of the duochrome in the “white”. It’s a white shadow that flashes green. Pretty cool looking.
That last liner in the palette is really disappointing (bottom of the photo). It is quite sheer and went on a little patchy. I’d suggest using that one wet, maybe? The two kinda yellow-greeny colors are very similar. They’re not identical, but to me they feel kind of redundant. 
My overall feeling is that this palette is fair. You get a lot of colors. A couple aren’t that great, but there are some really pretty ones too. That turquoise is gorgeous, and the white/green duochrome is really unique. There are some colors that you don’t typically see in drugstore palettes these days. Some disappointment for me is that all of the colors have the same finish and depth. Same finish isn’t that big of a deal but there’s very little contrast, since the “dark” liner is essentially useless. 
Do you need it? I am not saying no, but I’m not saying rush out and buy 6 either. They are a little on the pricey said for drugstore brands at $10.95 apiece, but if you have coupons or there’s a BOGO, you might enjoy this palette for some new colors.
Sample provided for editorial purposes.


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