Quick Weekend Recap

Hey everyone…

This weekend was super busy for me! I went to the Stila Warehouse Sale on Saturday morning (early morning!!), and then booked it over to Topanga Mall to meet the one and only Napoleon Perdis! He did my makeup and I learned some nifty techniques.

So, I was planning on some awesome posts complete with tons of photos…except my memory card had other plans. I know I’ve tweeted about this, but for those who don’t follow me on Twitter, my card corrupted itself and all of the picture files were damaged. I am investigating a free software to repair jpegs headers, but I haven’t found something yet. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know! I will work on that for the next couple days. If it’s looking like the photos are a lost cause, I’ll go ahead and do the re-cap posts without them (*weep*).

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