Rant, Bitch, Moan, Whine…

I’m cranky, readers, so let’s trash talk.

Ok not really, but I’m just wondering…what are some of your makeup pet peeves? What brands/products do you think are totally overrated? Why? Or if you despise something beauty related for a totally irrational and insane reason, please tell me. :P
Makeup pet peeves…I have a few basic ones that I think everyone agrees look really bad: mismatched foundation, orangeorangeorange tans, caked on makeup, dark lipliner with no lipstick or lipstick in a completely different color…yeah. I just cringe.
I also really can’t stand it when women are all judgey about makeup. “I don’t need to wear makeup”. Um, okay, well, none of us need to wear makeup. Lets be honest…none of us are going to drop dead without our makeup. It’s a luxury item. Duh. But who wouldn’t benefit from a little concealer for crying out loud? Nobody’s perfect…even those of us with great skin have a day we wake up and didn’t get enough sleep and look like death warmed over.
Overrated. Okay…first thing that comes to mind: the MAC 226 brush. It’s basically being hailed as the messiah of crease brushes, and um, I am not that impressed? I have one (swapped for it), and while it’s okay, it’s actually kinda scratchy and while I know that the softest brush isn’t always the best for a particular application…I just don’t really care for it. It’s just okay. Not saying the brush sucks or anything, but it’s just okay.
Okay readers, here’s your chance to get it all off your chest…


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