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If you follow me on Twitter you’ll have already seen these questions asked and answered, but I thought a few of them were worth sharing on the blog. These questions come from Formspring. If you haven’t heard of Formspring, it’s the widget over on the top right of the blog where you can ask me anything. You can ask anonymously too! So if you have an embarrassing question or just don’t want your name posted someplace, don’t worry– just ask! :P

Q: Besides being a beauty blogger, what do you do professionally?

A: Right now nothing. I got laid off from my job recently. I’m really sad to leave, as it was my dream job. I worked for a small marketing agency in their online marketing department. It was such an awesome place to work! I’ve actually been doing online marketing for about 4 yrs now, and previous to that I had another year of promotions and advertising in the more traditional sense, like flyers and banners and whatnot. I’ve also done random administrative jobs, and did my time in retail. Blech– don’t want to go back! Advertising and marketing is my passion!!!

Q: Do you always need to ask permission if copying pics from a website?

A: Legally, not always. If you use a photo directly for discussing “commentary” on the subject of the photo (such as critique of a celeb’s outfit in the picture), it is considered Fair Use. Fair Use is designed for people using materials for educational/not for profit purposes, though others have made a case for (and won) Fair Use applying to scenarios where a profit was made.

Remember this is just strictly your legal obligation. It’s ALWAYS polite to ask permission and credit your sources.

Q: What is your all time favorite lipstick?

A: My first reaction to this question is “OMG HOW DO I CHOOSE?” but then I realized the answer is simple: MAC Modesty cremesheen. It’s my go-to lipstick because it goes with *everything* and is quite flattering on me. If you don’t get along with cremesheens, try MAC’s Hug Me or Bare slimshine. They’re similar.

Q: Can we see a pic of your bf? (Mr. Menagerie)

A: He is very camera shy and so far I’ve respected his privacy about sharing pics of him on the net. I have asked him about it though and he’s still not thrilled with the idea. We’re talking about a guy who doesn’t even have a Facebook account, so I wouldn’t hold your breath. ;)

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