Recycle Your Denim!

I just heard about a really cool promotion that Gap is doing in their stores now through 10/20. Bring in any old denim to be recycled and they will give you 30% off their 1969 line of jeans. That’s mens, womens, and maternity 1969 jeans. If you have a Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic card it’ll be 35% off! The recycling program is through Cotton’s From Blue to Green program.

I usually donate any clothes I have if they’re still wearable. I donate to Goodwill, or CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County – I was born there! heehee). But if you have any denim that isn’t wearable anymore because it is torn up, worn, stained, etc. this would be a great alternative to just throwing it out!

I haven’t personally tried the 1969 jeans yet as they are kind of pricey for me, but they look really great. There’s styles for pretty much anyone. Just please, if you love me, don’t get the stirrup jeggings. I mean really.

Do not want! Cute shoes though.

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