Review – Korres Soft Eyeliner Pencil

I’ve been really into Korres lately. I tried a cherry oil lipgloss from that big Sephora 500 beauty insider point gift and was hooked. I wanted to try all of it– I love the gloss that much. So I tried the White Tea facial cleanser and Wild Rose moisturizer from the gift set and those are really nice too (detailed reviews to come).

Then I got a lip butter trio as a birthday gift. For those of you who didn’t know, I turned 23 this past Saturday. :) And a blogger buddy of mine sent me the lip butter trio from Korres as a very thoughtful and awesome birthday present. I will review those in more detail later, but I love them!!!
So, on that note…I wanted to try more. I recently purchased the Best of Korres Color set because it seemed to have a very good array of things to try, including another cherry oil lipgloss (LOVE).
But this review isn’t about the lipglosses. Or the lip butters. That’s right, we’re finally getting to the point. Yesterday I decided to try the Soft Eyeliner Pencil that came with the set. These eyeliners are said to be soft, soothing, and even hydrating. They contain Vitamin E oil and they claim to give rich, vivid color without tugging on the delicate eye area. They also say they are great for the inner rim of the eye right there on the pencil itself. Sweet!
Or so I thought. :\
As I’m writing this I realize it should have been a big neon flag that these hydrating pencils would probably end up “hydrating” all over my eyes as they smudged (without tugging!) all over in the California heat. Except I guess I consider myself an idealist so I tightlined with the pencil and went off about my day of shopping with various birthday gift cards.
Now, few things in life are as horrifying for me as shopping for clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting new clothes. Getting them. Having them. Wearing them. I do not like shopping for them. I hate trying them on, I hate taking my clothes off and putting them back on over and over (there goes my career in Vegas…), the booming music in the stores, the bad lighting in the dressing rooms, etc. And that’s once you even establish that the store has something you like, something in your size…yeah. No wonder I shop online a lot. And rarely for clothes at all. So I’m doing my thing in a fitting room when I take a moment to glance in the mirror. Aside from all the frizzy craziness going on with my hair, what really stood out was my eyeliner. All over my undereye area. Fabulous. I didn’t even put any eyeliner on my lower lashline or anything like that. I did the best I could to rub it off (yes, I rubbed my undereyes…desperate times, yo!) and cleaned it up with makeup remover when I got home.
Later, I took a shower and cleansed with the Korres White Tea cleanser. Except, all of my mascara and eyeliner were still on. :| So then I grabbed some Philosophy Purity Made Simple, my go-to get-everything-off cleanser, and re-did just my eye area. The mascara was gone, but oh my god– I still had raccoon eyes! How come it smudged everywhere and wouldn’t stay put before, and then I couldn’t get it OFF? I had to get in there with a q-tip and scrub gently with more makeup remover in between all of my bottom lashes after I stood under the shower rinsing my eyes. No fun. No fun at all.
I’m not sure if I’m going to use this pencil again. I mean, it did have rich color. It didn’t tug…but it behaved very oddly otherwise. Maybe I’ll try it again on a not humid and sweaty day and see how that works.
Have you tried the Korres Soft Eyeliner??


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