Review – mark. Chic Duets Lipgloss

This new product from the mark. line will be available for purchase on 6/23. As always, please remember that usually the new products aren’t up on the website until mid-day. The Chic Duets are tube-within-a-tube glosses that contain both clear gloss and pigment.
Is it kind of gimmicky? Sure. But the colors are pretty, and the gloss itself is pretty nice. If you think mark.’s Juice Gems are too sticky, these are for you. If you like the “wet look” from a gloss, these are for you. The formula is not terribly sticky, verrrry wet-shine glossy, and doesn’t feel thick on the lips at all. The packaging is also kind of cool because of a new applicator mark. is trying out. It’s a longer, narrower slant-tipped applicator. It’s also plastic, for those of you who dislike the fuzzy slant tip on the Juice Gems (I hate it…it’s the only thing I don’t like about Juice Gems!).
mark. Chic Duets come in 4 sheer shades: Candy Fix (pictured), Sparks Fly, Halo Baby, and Awestruck. Sparks Fly is a mauvey, slightly darker shade than Candy Fix. Awestruck is a pretty basic pinky nudey color (not too brown), and Halo Baby is sheer gold. Be forewarned that you have to kinda ‘start’ these so the first squeeze or two may only result in clear gloss.
Chic Duets are watermelon scented (ick…I am one of the few people on the planet who hates watermelon anything) but if it’s bareable for me, you can handle it. They also seem to be slightly watermelon flavored, too? Or I might just be dreaming. Watermelon scents usually make me gaggy, but I was able to tolerate it. ;)
Sooo keep a look out for these to drop on 6/23! They will retail for $6 each.


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