Review – Nuxe Ultra Comfortable Foot Cream

I got a sample of this from SkinCareRx and was thrilled to have another foot cream to try. My heels get cracked and dry like nobody’s business.

So I dug into this sample with much enthusiasm. It’s big enough that I’ve gotten 3 uses out of it and I have some left, yay!
Above all else, this stuff moisturizes really well. It contains all sorts of yummy ingredients like shea butter, honey, and rice bran and sesame oils. It’s very thick and creamy and feels nice as I apply it. And the results are fantastic. No more cracked heels. It’s been a day or 2 since I last used it and my heels are still feeling lovely. By the way there was no greasy residue either.
So what’s the catch? Well…the smell. It’s supposedly honey scented, but all I detect is a sickeningly sweet floral smell that is really unappealing. Another downside is the price…$22 for 2.6 oz– this stuff ain’t cheap!
So the final verdict is that this stuff is really nice as far as doing what it says it will, but I will keep looking for alternatives. I wouldn’t want to drop $22 for a foot cream, especially when I hate the smell.

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