Review: PCA Skin Total Wash Face & Body Cleanser

Alrighty everyone here’s another review from darling Nick aka Mr. Boyfriend. :)

The first time I used this product, I was surprised at what a pleasant smell it had yet how wasteful and difficult the packaging was. No matter which way you dispense it, somehow it tends to dribble or run-off a little bit, and for around $18 you’d expect better packaging and not for it to be so wasteful. The product also describes itself as foaming, but I had a hard time ever making any foam or bubbles out of it. Aside from these fairly minor problems I had with it, as a body wash it was pretty good. Like I said before, the smell is fairly pleasant. It strikes a good balance between a strong smell, but still being light. After using it my skin feels a lot more refreshed and it helped clear up some body acne. As for use on the face, I at first felt it underperformed.

Compared to some other products I had been testing out, it just seemed to not work as well. However, after a couple of good shaves, I got great results. Usually I’ll get some bad irritation on my chin and neck. I noticed that this product did a really great job on cutting down the burning feeling and irritation after a shave, and noticed a decrease in breakouts afterwards. I shaved a few days later without using this, and the irritation on my skin was very noticeable with an increase in breakouts around my neck.


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