Review: Stila Smoky Eye Palette – The Sapphires

This palette is a blue take on Stila’s top selling talking smoky eye palettes.

The base shade is pale blue with a frost finish. It seemed like it would be very overpowering for an all-over wash when I swatched it w/ my finger on my wrist, but doesn’t go on the lid quite so solid and is buildable (but not invisible at all).

The lid shade is sky blue with shimmer/frost, and beautifully pigmented. It can go on lightly or you can build it up for a more glam effect.

The crease shade is a basically matte dark blue. It’s slightly less pigmented than the 2 lighter shades, but that’s ok because it’s a very dark color, so I think this was done intentionally to make it easier to work with. It makes a great crease/outer-v shade for the smoky effect this palette is going for and blends *beautifully*, unlike many mattes.

The liner shade is midnight blue with obvious glitter (but not too much). The most remarkable thing about this is I did not experience any more than maybe one tiny fleck of fallout on application, which I just brushed aside. Nice result from a shadow w/ glitter!

Overall this palette is really nicely composed for a blue smoky eye and does not look too “Mimi” at all. The resulting look when you do your eye the way stila instructs (which comes on the talking recording or a step-by-step guide w/ pictures included with the palette) is very soft, pretty, and sexy. Because of the shadows being buildable, you can do this look for day, or really smoke it out even more and add more liner for night. The texture of all 4 shadows is practically creamy they are so soft, and very very blendable.

This is a “sephora exclusive” palette, but it is available at sephora and at stila’s website. Both places sell it for $40.


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