Review – Zoe Mini Flat Iron

Okay…first of all, how freaking adorable is this thing? If you answered “very”, you’d be correct. Heehee. I wanted a mini flat iron because it’s easier to get closer to your face for things like styling your bangs, etc. Also you can toss it in your purse/overnight bag. I’ve seen minis sell for anywhere from $20 to the mini t3 at over $100! I wasn’t about to drop that kind of cash on something just for an experiment. I ended up grabbing the Zoe limited edition cherry print mini iron at Ulta when it was on special introductory price for $16 or so, and I got 20% off with a coupon. :) Hint hint. I just posted a 20% off coupon a couple posts ago.

Anyways, this is actually a pretty decent little tool, considering the price. It has 1/2″ ceramic plates and heats to 375 degrees. I like the little rubber finger grips, but the one on the bottom plate tends to slide forward a little bit (since I’m pressing down on it a lot while styling), so I actually flip the iron upside down to use it– solves the problem and doesn’t make a difference.

Like I’d hoped, the tiny little mini iron is fantastic for styling my new bangs. I have shoulder-lengthish fine hair, but there’s a lot! I was still able to straighten all of my hair pretty quickly. I like the small iron because it is lightweight and doesn’t make styling my hair seem like a chore. It heats up really fast, which is good for on the go, or if you’ve brought it along to do touch-ups. The little thermal pouch that it comes with is handy too. It has a little pocket to hold the cord.

Overall I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of such a cheap tool. It does come in a full sized version as well, which is I think $30 or less? Still a pretty good deal– and the same cute cherry pattern. Zoe comes out with limited edition fun colored flat irons all the time though, just check your local Ulta. I haven’t seen them anywhere else, so I am not sure if they are sold in other stores.


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