Reviewing Mark’s Latest New Stuff

mark. released a bunch of stuff recently that I was very excited about. I posted about it in this entry.

Well, I got my haul! Sorry to take so long but I had camera issues. Here’s what I got, and my thoughts.

mark launched 4 new shadows in matte shades. In the photo above going clockwise from the top right, they are Espresso, Latte, Whisper, and Wink Wink. It turns out Whisper isn’t really matte. It’s kind of a satin or pearl. But it’s my favorite. It looks like a boring beige, but it’s kind of a pearled ivory, and for me it makes a great “wake up the eyes” look. Latte is just okay. It looks orangey brown on my pink skin. On warmer skin it would probably look great. Espresso also looks too warm for me. Wink Wink is fine, but not a ton of color payoff.

There are some eyeshadow swatches (Espresso, Wink Wink, Latte, Whisper). Amusingly, you can barely see Whisper in the photo. But it’s the best, I swear. The lighting is just awful. See how orange Latte looks on me? God I’m pink.

4 new juice gems came out with this group. Juice gems are kind of like Lancome Juicy Tubes. They’re very sticky, and sheer. However, Berrylicious (right) actually has a lot of pigment. Raspberry (left) has a decent amount as well. Pineapple (the gold one, duh) is just shimmer. And Mango Tango (the only one left lol) just has minimal pigment. The biggest plus is they all smell FABULOUS!!

Right row: Berrylicious, Pineapple, Mango Tango. Raspberry is the bottom swatch on the left. The top 2 swatches on the left are from this baby:

On the left we have Glow Baby Glow Luxe in Lucky Luxe, which is kind of an orangey red with LOADS of shimmer. On the right is Glow Baby Glow in Blow Kisses, which is a bluey red with no shimmer at all. *Gorgeous* glosses and tons of pigment. Buy them. Love them. Yum.

I don’t have swatches of the 2 liquid highlighters but I can tell you that Glow Xpert in Rose Glow looks just like BeneFit High Beam. For $8. NICE! Here are pictures in the jars:

I apologize for the crappy lighting in these photos. It’s the best I can do at night in my apartment!


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