Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick Collection

I know I’m totally late to the lipstick party on this one, but the Kate Moss collection from Rimmel London is not to be missed. Better late than never? The collection consists of seven shades that really span the gamut of what you’d need for any occasion. 
First of all, the packaging is adorable. The tubes are matte black with the Kate <3 logo in red. They look so chic and sophisticated, pretty much like you’d expect from something collaborated upon with Kate Moss! They smell sort of… cherryish. It’s an artificially fruity fragrance but not artificial in such a way that it’s gross or off-putting. In fact, I quite like the fragrance! 
I have one of these, in shade #12. Now if I had to say one negative thing about these it’s that they just have numbers instead of actual names. For me, names are a lot easier to remember, but whatever. It goes on so brilliantly pigmented, and so smooth. The color is rich and saturated, and the finish is matte without being dry and crackly. 
This is supposed to be coral I think, but on me it’s most definitely very orange (with reddish undertones). I never would have predicted this, but I love this color so much!!! By the way, in the photo I am also wearing Rimmel Scandal’eyes mascara, which I will be reviewing soon as well (love!!). 
If you couldn’t tell already, I highly recommend grabbing a couple of these if you see a shade that strikes your fancy. You can see swatches of the other colors at Fleur de Force. I have seen them at CVS, and I know others have purchased theirs from Walgreens as well. I think they’re around $5, and it’d be $5 well spent.
On a side note, I wish someone over at Rimmel would rein in the photoshopping just a little bit. The visual at the top of this page is Kate Moss. But it’s Photoshopped Kate Moss. They don’t NEED to photoshop her so much. She looks like THIS for chrissake:
And the Rimmel website features a Zooey Deschanel who isn’t even recognizable. So yeah. Lipstick = good.  Over retouching = bad. But go get these lipsticks. They’re faaaabulous. 
Sample provided for editorial purposes.


  1. Mo says

    hi, in the top picture where she is wearing a red dress, she is wearing a black ring. any ideas where i can get the same one? or who makes it? please

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