Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss Review

I first heard about Rimmel Stay Glossy lip glosses while watching a video by EmilyNoel83 on Youtube (love her, you should watch her if you don’t already!). She described them as having a really nice formula, and I have tried a lot of the same ones she has and liked them so I thought I’d like the Rimmel Stay Glossies too. ‘Cause I’m smart like that. ;)
Turns out, I was right! Ha. I picked up the first one on a whim when I was in CVS just after New Year’s. I had some extra bucks that made the gloss only about $2. They’re not very expensive (around $5) anyway, but at that price trying one was a no brainer! The shade I grabbed was Captivate Me (on top in the picture above), which is a berry pink color. Since then I’ve also picked up All Night Seduction, which is a peachy pink infused with gold (sort of similar to something like MAC Nymphette).
The first thing I noticed was these have a really unusual applicator. It’s a doefoot, but it’s shaped really… weird. Weird good though! It’s like a tapered paddle shape that makes applying the gloss to the lips really easy. Check it out:
The above picture is a side view of the doefoot applicator from All Night Seduction. Here’s a view of the top:
Neat huh? I like it. It’s really soft and cushy feeling too. I feel like it actually helps application rather than just smears it all around. 
The formula of the gloss itself is pretty unique. I’ve tried a lot of different glosses and none of them feel like these. It has a very cushiony feel on the lips. When you rub your lips together with this gloss on, it almost feels like a balm. It’s not that sticky, either! I’m most impressed with how moisturizing this gloss is. Very few are truly moisturizing for me. Usually they’re just “not drying” or worse. 
The tube says these provide up to 6 hours of shine. I don’t know if it’s 6 hours, but these do last a long time on the lips. You’ll need to reapply if you eat something, but otherwise these wear pretty darn long. The color does fade a little toward the end, but you’ll still have shine and the color fades evenly (no ring around the mouth effect).
Top: All Night Seduction
Bottom: Captivate Me
Overall I really love these, and have been wearing them very often. I almost always have one or both in my purse these days. I definitely plan on getting more shades. The pigmentation with these isn’t super bright on these particular shades, but there are others (a hot pink and a red) that look pretty bright. There’s also a black shade that intrigues me. ;)
Have you tried Rimmel Stay Glossy lip gloss? What do you think?


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