Sale Update

Hey everyone…

So far the sale has been going swimmingly. However, I have a request of you. I think I’ve invoiced everyone for their purchases, but if you inquired about an item and did NOT receive an invoice, please, please please let me know! Contact me via the “Contact Me” form on the right hand top side of the blog and let me know what you wanted to buy and where I can invoice you.

If you received an invoice and paid and want to know the status of your package, check your paypal. Packages that have shipped are all marked ‘shipped’ through paypal. I think it sent you notifications but just in case it didn’t send or it got stuck in your spam folder or whatever, please check the status of your transaction w/ paypal. Not everyone’s purchases have shipped yet (namely the international girls, sorry– I haven’t been able to get to the post office during office hours yet), so if your transaction is not marked ‘shipped’, don’t panic. You can still inquire of course though.

Any other questions/concerns regarding the sale, feel free to use the “Contact Me” form and get in touch with me. I’ll answer right away. :)

Thank you everyone for making the blog sale a huge success!!

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