Save Some Green with Extrabux!

For those of you who have been living under a rock/don’t do much online shopping, there are these magical online shopping rebate sites that literally pay you to shop by offering you a % back of your purchase price if you shop via their affiliate links. You might have heard of this already with a program called Ebates. And until the end of this month, there is Bing Cashback. Bing is closing its doors on the cashback program. Ebates is kind of a pain. I have heard numerous complaints about shoppers not receiving their shopping rebates from Ebates. In fact, I have experienced this myself. 
But never fear, Extrabux is here! Extrabux is the new kid on the block in the online shopping rebate community. Like other programs, they offer a percentage cash back incentive for online shopping. They also have a listing of all the coupon codes currently available from their merchants. I’ve signed up, will you?
Just some of the retailers that caught my eye that participate in Extrabux’s program are…
Vistaprint – Absolutely fabulous company for getting business cards and other promotional materials made. Take note, makeup artists!
The Container Store – tons of great makeup organizing goodies here!
and many, many more!

Edit 7/31/10: I just got word from Extrabux that they have also now launched a referral program! Get bonuses for referring your friends & family. If anyone is planning on signing up and would like to give me credit for a referral, click here.

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