Say Bye Bye, MAC

MAC has updated their chopping block with the latest items from their vast collection that are getting the axe. Here’s a list of what’s going bye-bye. Plan your hauls accordingly.

* = Limited Edition Items
Well duh, of course these are going away. But this is your final call to haul. Now that these items are officially discontinued, counters & stores are going to have to RTV (return to vendor) their inventory. You can find RTV’ed inventory at Cosmetics Company Stores (for the nearest location check, but it’s kind of a crap shoot as to what each outlet will have. At the time of this posting, all of these are still available.


Wisteria Eye Trio (* Dame Edna)

Eyeshadows – Pans and Pots

Newly Minted
Aquavert (* Sugarsweet)
Dear Cupcake (* Sugarsweet)
Sugar Shot (* Sugarsweet)
Mont Black (* Chill)
Deep Shade (* Blonde Brunette Redhead)
100 Strokes (* Blonde Brunette Redhead)
Top Knot (* Blonde Brunette Redhead)
French Cuff (* Blonde Brunette Redhead)
Knight (* Blonde Brunette Redhead)
Pincurl (* Blonde Brunette Redhead)
Henna (* Blonde Brunette Redhead)
Femme Fi (* Blonde Brunette Redhead)
Flip (* Blonde Brunette Redhead)
Mink & Sable (* Starflash)
Bold and Brazen (* Starflash)
Go (* Starflash)
Sunset B (* Starflash)

* Sugarsweet Shadesticks – Cakeshop, Red Velvet, Penny, Butternutty, Lemon Chiffon

Paint Pots

Girl Friendly


Shade Fluidline
Dress Khaki Liquid Last
Greenplay Liquid Last
Classic Cream Liquid Last
Antiquity Technakohl

Mascara – Pro Lash Charcoal Brown

False Lashes – 37, 38, Blinking Cool

Brushes – 272 Small Angled Shader, 311 Lip Liner


Chintz on Chintz (* I think, don’t recall the collection…)
Delish (* Sugarsweet)
Sweet Thing (* Sugarsweet)
Lollipop Lovin’ (* Sugarsweet)
Bubbles (* Sugarsweet)
All’s Fair (* Blonde Brunette Redhead)
Chignon (* Blonde Brunette Redhead)
What A Do! (* Blonde Brunette Redhead)
Blow Dry (* Blonde Brunette Redhead)
Marquise D’ (* Blonde Brunette Redhead)
Flourish (* Monogram)

Lip Gloss
Pro Longwear – Alta Moda, Lustrebloom
Cremesheen Glass (*Cremeteam) – Looks Like Sin, Creme Anglaise, Fashion Scoop
Tri-Color Gloss (* Sugarsweet) – Triple-Yum, Consume Me, Tasty, Simply Delicious, Just Dessert
Lipglass – Nico
Lipglass (* BBR) – Red Devil, Peroxide, Soft Wave, Live and Dye
Plushglass – Cushy White, Plus Luxe

Lip Liners

BBQ Lip Pencil
Quartz Lip Pencil
Cremestick Liners – Gingerroot, Raw Refined, Naked Rose, Cranapple, Creme Sherry, Sweet Brown, Honey B., Plum Royale, Plum Soft, Caramellow


High-Light Powders – Spectacle, What A Dame! (* Dame Edna)
Mineralized Skin Finish – Perfect Topping, Refined (* Sugarsweet)



Studio Stick Concealer – NC20, NC30, NC45, NW20, NW25, NW45

Reflects Antique Gold
Reflects Purple Duo
Reflects Bronze
Reflects Transparent Teal


Shave Cream
Monogram Fragrance Set

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