Scam Artist Youtube Guru Bashing

Last night on both Makeup Alley and Twitter I said a couple things that seemed to piss someone (or someones) off in a major way!

What started it was someone on MUA starting a poll about Kandee Johnson. For those of you who don’t know who Kandee is, she is a makeup artist who makes videos for Youtube. The poll asked, “Kandee Johnson: Scam Artist or True Guru?”

Yeah. Okay guys, look. I don’t care what Kandee does with her personal life. I don’t care what any gurus do with their personal lives. I will watch someone for their talent, helpfulness, etc. You would think that these internet celebrities spend their spare time slaughtering kittens or something the way people get so angry about them. Reality check: you don’t know these people. You don’t know their lives. Just because you watch a bunch of videos on Youtube does not mean you know a person. It’s the same as making statements about an actress being a home wrecker or slut or whatever because of what you read in tabloids. The bottom line is if you don’t like someone, don’t watch their videos. No one has (to my knowledge!) ever been held at gunpoint and forced to watch someone on Youtube teach you how to groom your eyebrows, or talk about what’s going on in her life, or any of that.

I got some comments on my Formspring page today that I wanted to address. They were both posted anonymously (of course!) since after all this is the internet.

#1 –

Screw your opinion about Kandee, the girl is a scam artist and if anyone else were putting there personal shit online they’d get run too. oh, you liked the donate button for yourself. SHUT UP!

First of all, yeah I have a donate button. If you don’t want to use it, don’t click it. I didn’t ask you to. It was suggested to me that I add it, and I purposefully tucked it away on a page called “support”. If you aren’t interested in supporting a blog, why would you even click that link? Dumb. The support link is also right next to a link about hiring me. You know, because I’m unemployed. As in, someone who could actually use some support every so often. Secondly, if you think she is a scam artist, don’t watch her videos or attend one of her Glaminars. Problem solved. And by all means if you want me to shut up that much, don’t read my blog or tweets either. 
#2 – 

Why is it if someone says something negative whether it’s true or not you feel the need to respond. Isn’t that the same? So you have a right to your view but others don’t?

I was responding because in both cases (Twitter and Makeup Alley) they are an open forum. If you want to post something and have nobody respond to it, write it down in your diary or something. I have an opinion and when someone posts theirs in an open forum I’m going to agree or disagree with it if I want to do so. It’s kind of convenient that you also choose not to mention that I usually post when I agree with someone. I’m not trying to stir shit up or cause drama. Just because I’m voicing my opinion that is different from yours doesn’t mean I don’t think you have a right to your opinion. I do think you have a right to your opinion, but by the same token I also have the right to think your opinion is dumb. So I think we can agree on one thing: we think each other’s opinions are dumb. Cool. Lipstick.
Alrighty. Hope that clears some things up for you angry anonymous Formspring commenters. And for future reference if you have a negative comment, please give your name and we can discuss it like adults. In fact, you’re even welcome to email me privately if it’s something you feel that strongly about. I’m open to a dialog with any of you. That’s why I publish what I write.


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    that is exactly what im saying.. why do people bad mouth other when they dont even know them? i agree that if you dont like kandee or think she is a liar or scam artist then dont watch her videos dont do anything that she is involved with simple as that! i tryed telling my opinion to a women that had her own site talking about kandee.. all i said was that she really shouldnt talk about peopleshe doesnt know and doesnt have the facts for. she got all offeneded and started critisizing me. it just shows what kind of world we live in where everyone judges and bad mouthes people. some people just the drama and negativilty one is saying about another. you never hear good things about a person just all this horrible stuff.. its pretty sad.

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