Sephora BI Kat Von D Palette

I tried out the Kat Von D rock star palette today, which is the Sephora Beauty Insider 500-point gift. I just wanted to relay my quick thoughts.

The palette consists of 4 colors, a glittery white, a glittery sandy beige, a metallic purple, and a glittery black/dark grey. The purple has the best texture. The other 3 have massive amounts of glitter fallout (keep some scotch tape handy to clean that up!). The white doesn’t seem to really show up as much other than a little extra sparkle. I guess it’s good for adding a little highlight on the middle of the lid or something like that. I used it on my inner eyes and didn’t really notice much of anything. I was using a fluffy brush rather than a brush for packing on color, though. I’ll play with it a little more, and try it wet too.

Blendability-wise these are halfway decent. They’re better than most glittery shades are for blending, although the more you blend the more glitter flies everywhere, so be careful. The purple is the most pigmented shade, and the smoothest to blend (not surprising since it has no glitter). I applied these shadows at about 8 this morning, and it’s 5 now. There is considerable fading. The purple is now kind of a muddy greyish blah color. No creasing though, but I’m wearing primer so that’s to be expected/hoped for.

It’s okay. It’s not something I’d buy really, but it’s not bad. Is it a nice perk for having 500 points? Certainly. Is it better than one of the 100-point samples? Depends on how much you love samples. Does it make me jump up and down and then run to my local Sephora to stock up on all things KVD? No. Definitely not. Honestly, if this represents the quality of Kat Von D’s eyeshadows, I wonder what all the hype is about.

Here are swatches. Note, I am REALLY pale (MUFE 110), and I swatched these HEAVILY.

click to view larger

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