Sephora’s "Give Me Some Lip" Set Has Lipstick Addicts Covered!

Normally I wouldn’t be inclined to buy a beauty set just because a store called it a compilation of their “favorites,” but based on the fact that I’ve far surpassed the 500-point mark on my Sephora Beauty Insider card, I think it’s safe to say I trust their judgement. I’m also a self-proclaimed lip gloss junkie, so it’s no wonder why the Sephora Favorites “Give Me Some Lip” Set has found its way onto my wish list! The 7-piece set features a slew of best-selling lip color favorites from across their board of brands — Tarte, Urban Decay, Lancome, Smashbox, and more — and even has your bases covered when it comes to kinds of lip products. Plumping gloss, lip liner, lip stain, and of course, the classic lipstick courtesy of Buxom, this set has just about everything you need to keep your inner makeup addict under control through the spring season (or at least through the next couple of weeks, if you really have an addiction). After all, a $62 value for only $26 is a great excuse to experiment if I’ve ever heard one!

– Alex Gambardella for The Find


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