September Bests & Busts

Alright, alright. September’s hits and misses. I know this is overdue– sorry!! This is more or less just a list of things I really loved last month or things that really disappointed. It’s going to be quite the MAC-attack, so for those of you who aren’t into MAC I apologize in advance!

Beauty BESTS:

1. MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
I was a huge fan of this in its previous release, and I’m still a fan now. This murky black sludge happens to be the best damn exfoliator I’ve ever used.

2. MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara
I’m not generally a MAC mascara fan, but the sales girl sold me on this and it’s really nice. I will do an in-depth review of it shortly.

3. Living Proof NoFrizz Styling Spray – Straight Making for Fine to Medium Hair
I LOVE this stuff. I have lived in the desert climate of Cali my whole life, and when it gets just the least bit humid out my hair goes nuts. Not with this stuff! It’s fantastic.

4. MAC Lipstick in Close to Real
This is the pale nude from the Trend F/W ’09 collection. It’s sort of like Myth (though Myth is a satin and Close to Real is a lustre), as it is very opaque and pale concealery-nude. Close to Real though has a slight grey undertone, making it perfect for us super cool-toned gals. If you are warmer complected it will in all likelihood produce the corpse look. Which may not be what you’re going for (or it may, as Halloween is coming up..!)

5. DERMAdoctor Poetry in Lotion
DERMAdoctor is pretty awesome. I haven’t tried a product yet by them that I haven’t absolutely freaking loved. Poetry in Lotion is a retinol lotion with a very strong % of retinol. Probably the strongest you can get without a prescription. But the real uniqueness of the product comes from its lack of side effects. Most strong retinol treatments produce redness, sensitivity, and dry skin. Not so with this one! I love it. And the packaging is so cool. You’ll have to go check this out during Sephora’s Friends & Family sale later this month.

6. Black Radiance Continuous Cream Eyeliner in Black
Another blogger sent me this as she loves it and said I have to try it. Black Radiance is a drugstore brand owned by Markwins, the parent company of Wet ‘n Wild. It’s not readily available where I live. This stuff is a gem! It’s the creamiest, blackest eyeliner I’ve yet to come across in the cream/gel eyeliners. Application is a breeze, and it really stays put. If you have access to this brand, go buy this eyeliner! It comes in brown too, but even though I’m pale I’ve always been a fan of black eyeliner.

Beauty BUSTS:

1. Dove Nutrium Moisture Exfoliating Bodywash
Sorry Dove, this product smelled SO bad I couldn’t deal with it. I received it free to review (just putting that out there, full disclosure and all! Kiss my butt, FTC…) but I’m sorry to say I just really didn’t like it. I reviewed it more in-depth in early September. Bleh.

2. Korres Lip Scrub Thingy (technical name)
Sorry readers, I forgot the exact name of this. But it’s lemon “flavored” (really? I didn’t taste anything?) and is made with sugar to exfoliate the lips. It’s just okay. Nothing earth shattering, and if your lips REALLY need major scrubbing, probably won’t be enough.

Overall it was a pretty good month. Not a whole lot of letdowns!

Disclaimer: Yes, DERMAdoctor sent me products to review. However, that does not mean I am endorsing them just because they were free. <3


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