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It’s not that often that I write just to plug certain websites, but I’m a huge fan of this site Buy In Coins! They are based in Hong Kong, and offer wholesale prices on a vast selection of different things. They have tons of As Seen on TV items such as the PedEgg (another thing I’m obsessed with!!!), Smooth Away, and the Wonder Hanger. For those of you who didn’t catch my post about them, I LOVE the Wonder Hangers! I wish I had known that Buy In Coins had them when I got my pack for $9.99, because Buy In Coins has a pack of 8 for under $6. The Boyfriend and I have very limited closet space and those guys RULE for organizing closets.

I can’t even describe exactly how much stuff they have on their website. But one major reason you might want to check out the online store is they carry the 88 palettes. They have lots of palettes actually, including the 28 Neutral Palette, several 120 palettes, and even a 180 palette. Check out the full selection of palettes here. In addition to all the yummy palettes, there are always loads of fun makeup brush sets and other goodies like gel eyeliner, false lashes (synthetic, not human hair), and a nifty concealer palette that I actually have in my kit.

There are a couple other things about BIC that make me like them a lot. First, they not only have great prices, they will price match if you can find something cheaper. Here’s the icing on the cake though: not only is everything on this site cheap, they offer free shipping on everything for U.S. orders. If you’re not in the U.S. here’s information about their shipping policies. The only drawback to ordering is their shipping can be kind of slow (it is coming all the way from Hong Kong after all) but for FREE who could complain?

If you decide to order, there are a few ways to save even more off their already super low prices. The first is a Christmas code! It gets you 9% off (random amount, I know). That code is XMAS2010. Another deal that gets you an additional 5% off your purchase is if you have a “recommender” (referral). You’d just type in my nickname “alysonwithay“. They also take a penny off for each item you purchase after the first item. So for example if you order 6 items, they will take 5 cents off your order. No code necessary for that!

Happy Haul-idays!


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