Sick Face!

Sorry about no updates over the weekend, readers. And I hope all of my Houston area readers are safe and sound!
I caught an icky but brief cold over the last few days and have not had anything to write about, haha. I didn’t even really have the energy to think about it.

There is a new poll for you to vote in, by the way. :) It’s about work makeup!

I also added a button to bookmark this blog on Delicious. Bookmark me! :)

I got some beauty tips about how to look more awake and fresh when you’re feeling icky, and it works like a charm so I am going to share them with you and tell you how they work for me. Here’s how to do your face when you feel horrible.

– First of all, foundation and concealer are your friend. When I am sick, I get all blotchy-faced. A little green powder concealer from Everyday Minerals goes a long way! I apply this after my primer but before my foundation. Then comes foundation, and loads of concealer whereever I need it. Depending on how sick you are, you might need a little extra in the undereye area to brighten up your eyes.

– Blush! Blush is key to not looking dead. I like to use a peachy pink for this “fresh-faced” effect I’m going for. My blush of choice is Milani Luminous. This blush has been reformulated and is no longer the same, so suggestions for other peachy pinks are NARS Orgasm, Flirt! Heartthrob, and mark. After Glo.

– On the eye, I did a shimmery neutral wash all over the lid. The shadow I chose for this was Stila Kitten. From crease to brow I just used a very matte neutral wash. The shadow I used was Stila Chinois. The effect was really brightening of my whole eye area.

– Finishing touch and crucial step is curl those lashes. It really opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake! Slap on some mascara and you’re good to go. Have trouble keeping lashes curled? Try waterproof mascara!

My lips were left pretty boring. I just used a moisturizing pink gloss from NYX.


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