Skincare Update

Today is day 18 since starting my clindamycin prescription. It’s working! Here’s what I’ve been doing lately.


– Go over face with a makeup wipe from Ponds (I’m trying to use those up), or those Wet Ones I mentioned in a previous entry (I still love them!). This is just to remove any trace of yuck from possibly touching my face in the middle of the night, etc.

– Paula’s Choice BHA Liquid

– Clindamycin 1% gel

– Alba Botanica moisturizer (see my post about that) & mark. Eye Be Good eye cream.


– Remove all makeup with MAC Cleanse-Off oil (I’d been worried that this was breaking me out, but luckily I have found it is not!)

– Rinse off the cleansing oil and then cleanse face with Clarisonic brush (“delicate” brush head), using Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser.

– Apply Neutrogena On The Spot 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide treatment to areas that need it.

– more Alba Botanica moisturizer

The results I’ve been getting are great. :) The smaller blemishes I had are now reduced to red spots of leftover pigmentation. The large cystic areas are significantly reduced in size. I’m experencing a tiny bit of drying on my nose, but the BHA and Clarisonic help keep that to a minimum.

Overall, I really feel my Clarisonic was a worthy investment. It really deep cleans, and I have noticed the same thing others have about my treatments and moisturizer being able to absorb more quickly and deeply since I started using it. This is especially true of the Neutrogena On The Spot, which does not have a very nice texture at all and tended to ball up. I’ve even sort of gotten used to using the brush on my nose without sneezing in the shower (which my boyfriend thinks is just adorable, but I think is rather embarrassing!). It just tickles SO much.

I wanted to share all of that with you because it is such a triumphant feeling when you develop a routine that actually works.


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