Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara Review


In keeping with my theme of mascara obsession lately, here’s another I’ve tried recently…Smashbox Full Exposure mascara.

Smashbox says this mascara is inspired by the technique of layering fiber mascara over volumizing mascara for lashes supposedly 104% bigger. Which sounds really scientific and all, especially the bizarre figure of 104%.

The first thing I noticed is that the brush is absolutely huge. This is the head of the brush compared to a full size Essie polish:


Now I’ve got pretty big eyes, but this mascara brush is enormous. It’s cumbersome to use. The wet formula that smudges + a giant, hard to use brush = a mess.

And you know what? This mascara does nothing. It tinted my lashes black. No length, no volume. Just nothing.

And! It gets better… I’m allergic to it. I don’t have any pictures of it on my lashes because I normally wear a mascara a few times before I take pictures and review it. But not this one. My eyes swelled up so badly I couldn’t drive in to work the day after wearing this mascara. It was awful.

The mascara retails for $19.50 at Sephora, and even allergic reaction aside, I wouldn’t recommend it because it just doesn’t perform.

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  1. TJ says

    O, wow! It’s a good thing I read your review. I’ve been tempted to try this mascara, but I think I may steer clear now. Do you have typically have this kind of reaction to mascaras?

    • Alyson says

      Not generally…it has happened before just once or twice, but I’ve tried a LOT of mascaras and the vast majority do not have this effect. If you have sensitive eyes, I would avoid.

      • pamela says

        OMG this has just happened to me…my eyes are swollen so much they are puffed out past my forehead … I look deformed…it’s awful :(

  2. Sounds like you have had a bad time with this product, I have quite small eyes so I don’t feel this product would be for me, How unlucky is that you was allergic! Crazy :-( xx

  3. Laurane says

    I bought this mascara a week ago and put it on a few days already… And my eyes are flowing (only a little bit) and they are burning for almost 2 days now. As I did some researches online to find reviews I found your blog and I can see you have the same problem as me. How long did it take for your eyes to come back to normal ?!! Thank you so much in advance ! xx

    • Alyson says

      I felt crappy for about a day or so. I skipped any eye makeup at all for at least 24-48 hours and then I was fine. But if you’re having issues longer than a couple of days you might wanna see a doc!

  4. Eeek! Poor girl…I hate when I get an allergic reaction to something…doesn’t happen often but one time I got this set of eyeshadows I won in a giveaway and man, I was itching for a week and I’m NEVER allergic to anything! Glad, I saw this review…def. won’t go near it. Hope your eyes are doing better Alyson.

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