Special Sample Offer From Origins

Origins is having a special sample offer for 3 days (Mar 6 – 8). Get 2 free skincare samples with your purchase using the code 2NightLS. Shipping is always free on a purchase of $75 or more, too.

The samples are of Night Health Bedtime Face Cream and Bedtime Balm. Both of these products from the Dr. Andrew Weil line for Origins. The Night Health line sounds really cool, and definitely like something I could benefit from. They’re meant to rejuvinate your skin over night while also helping you relax and get a good night’s sleep! Who wouldn’t want that? According to the Origins website this is done via a 100% natural blend of Chamomile, Lavender, and Mandarin essential oils incorporated into the products. Sounds heavenly! I am a sucker for anything that smells good, that’s for sure. And if it helps me sleep? Hell yeah!

The Night Health cream promises to relax the fine lines in your skin and leave it looking brightened and more radiant, while the Night Health balm is meant to be applied places like your shoulders and neck to ease tension. Sounds very luxurious! Can you tell as I’m writing this that I’m a little sleepy? This all sounds so appealing right now.

Origins is not a brand I have in the past paid much attention to, but recently I have found myself sort of wondering what they are all about. Their products have a strong following and come highly recommended. Tanya of The Pink Traincase recently raved over some beautiful taupes from Origins’ eyeshadow and eyeliner collections. That really got them on my radar. Now that I hear about these Night Health products I’m even more curious.

Have you tried Origins skincare or makeup? What do you think?


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