Spring 2009 Flip For It Palettes Are Here!

That’s right! They’re here! Los Angeles and Tokyo Flip For It palettes for Spring 2009. The colors are as follows:

Tokyo Palette

  • Cheek: Pink Kimono
  • Eye Shadows: Shinjuku, Plum Velvet
  • Lip Colors: Sake, Cherry Blossom, Ginza and Geisha

Yes the shade Plum Velvet is currently available as a single in the regular line, and I do own it already, but frankly I wouldn’t mind having it twice. It’s really gorgeous. :)

Los Angeles Palette

  • Cheek: Sunset Strip
  • Eye Shadows: Hollywood, Mulholland
  • Lip Colors: Melrose, Rodeo, Malibu and Beverly Hills

I’m a little confused about the LA palette because in the pics they call Hollywood a pale beigey shade. mark. used to have a matte brown eyeshadow called Hollywood, so I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be switched and the dark brown is really Hollywood and the beige is Mulholland, or of mark. is just recycling names.

Both of these palettes are available now at my mark. e-boutique (see logo @ right). They are $20 each. Right now there is a free shipping deal at my e-boutique with a $25+ purchase, too. So go look around and shop! Grab one of these awesome palettes. They are limited edition, so you should get ’em while you can.


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