Stila in the Drugstore?

How exciting! In a recent interview, Lynn Tilton (the new CEO of Stila) shared some of her plans for the brand.

In the future of Stila goodness we can expect a lot more infomercial type sales, like through HSN/QVC etc. where they will really teach you how to use the products– cool!
But the biggest announcement of Lynn’s interview was her plan to introduce a drugstore sister brand to Stila called Simply Stila. She envisions prices starting at around $7.99 for each product.
My initial thought is that sister brand is an awesome idea. However, you can still get “real” Stila for prices that low in a lot of instances on ebay, at TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack, and through websites such as Beautycrunch and ACW. But then again, drugstore makeup goes BOGO– the magic word. :) No matter what though, I am excited to see what happens with this.


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