Still Looking For Alice?

Urban Decay‘s Alice in Wonderland book of shadows has been one of THE most buzzed about items in a long time. They launched it last Friday and it sold out within hours.

A little very stylish birdie wearing the latest in hot makeup told me that Sephora is going to start taking phone orders for the palette today.

Reps are available 6 am – 9 pm PST – call 1-877-SEPHORA.

On an aside, I think after reading the reactions to this palette that I must be one of the only girls in the world who isn’t in love with Alice in Wonderland. I do plan on seeing Tim Burton’s re-imagining of it, but other than a passing interest I do not really have any feelings about it. The reason for this, sadly, all has to do with elementary school. Yup, elementary school.

My name is Alyson. Growing up, numerous people thought it would be oh so adorable to call me “Alyson Wonderland”. Which is really annoying because then people started calling me Alice. Alice is not short for Alyson. I am really sensitive to people screwing up my first name because I have a very difficult (for some, I guess? apparently.) last name to pronounce/spell etc. I got over that quickly…I mean ok, it’s Israeli and a lot of people have never come across an Israeli name before. Whatevs. But Alyson? How could they screw that up. Well, there ya go.

Secondly…sigh, we studied Alice in Wonderland in elementary school. As in the original novel by Lewis Caroll. If there’s any way to ruin an experience with a novel, it’s studying it in elementary school and analyzing it to pieces. There’s also the fact that for some reason our teacher insisted that this other random teacher come in and read it to us aloud. Which as a 6th grader I found very patronizing, as after all I had been reading for years already… Not to mention her voice was annoying.  LoL

So there you have it. I’ve been traumatized by Alice in Wonderland, hahaha. What a sad story. :P

P.S. if you’ve made it this far, wtf? Go order your palette. Oh, you must have already bought one because otherwise you’d be on the phone. :P

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