Wet Seal Plus Grand Opening and Haul


I’ve been eagerly anticipating the new Wet Seal+ opening! I’ve been eyeing the clothes on the website and when I found out my closet mall (The Shops at Mission Viejo) was getting one of these stores, I was super stoked. The grand opening included a fun event that I wasn’t able to go check out on 8/16, but Veronica of Cid Style File went and her instagram pictures got me all excited to go. I actually had a totally legit reason to go to the mall today, so that’s an added bonus haha.

Anyway! The store is really nice, but I had sale vision and didn’t even think to take pictures. D’oh! What I like is that everything is laid out with plenty of room to browse. I hate super cramped stores. I don’t think word is out about this new store yet because it wasn’t crowded — not that I mind. I am kinda antisocial when I shop, haha. I also appreciated that the racks weren’t so crammed full of stuff that I couldn’t move anything. My local Forever 21 is like that…you can’t push the clothes apart because half the garments will slide off the rack.



I fell in love with this Chevron Peplum Top almost immediately. The sales staff said sizes run small, but I found this fits true to size. I love the zipper detail on the back. It’s available on their website here.


This top I shall lovingly refer to as my “flying squirrel” top because it makes me feel like I have little webbed wings LOL. They call it a “Ruffle Solid Top”. It drapes down the front and the back, making it very figure flattering for those poochier than usual days. -ahem- It’s available online here and comes in several other colors. This also fit true to size.


This teal and navy striped maxi skirt was a total last minute grab. I didn’t even try it on. I’m glad I grabbed her though! It’s a straight-cut skirt, but fit true to size. This skirt came in a ton of colors. I’m tempted to get more! It’s available online here.


My second favorite thing of the haul – this amazing Chevron & Lace Skater Dress. This also came in several colors, but I decided to be adventurous and go with green. This was the only thing I bought that I felt ran kind of small – it’s a bit tight in the boobs! But a way cute dress I could NOT leave in the store. I loved it so much I posted a picture on instagram from right in the fitting room. It’s a little on the short side so for work I will pair it with black leggings. No accidental flashing!! It’s available online here.


By the time I saw these jeans (jeggings actually), I had an armload of stuff to try on. These jeans literally promise they will make your butt look better. I thought ‘what the hell’ and added them to my pile of stuff. Turns out they’re my favorite thing that I purchased.

Now, I’m the anti high waist girl. I have a short waist to begin with, so that means most high waisted things come up to my boobs. Not to mention jeans that say they ‘contour’ usually end up making me feel like a stuffed sausage. They look great for standing around in. But they aren’t comfortable to bend, sit, or you know move in. With these jeggings, I have found a new best friend. I LOVE them. Do they make my butt look better? Um, I don’t know. They don’t make my butt look bad. The high waist does come up pretty high, but it’s COMFORTABLE. I can still sit in them and move and bend and all that good stuff. They hold in my tummy without making me feel like a salted pork product. Fit is true to size. They’re available online here. I got them in dark denim but they are also available in black!


Wet Seal+ had lots of really cute jewelry. Almost every top or dress in the place was paired up with a necklace on a mannequin, and it was pretty much written in stone that I wasn’t leaving without at least one new necklace. I chose this floral statement necklace because it will go with everything. It’s available online here. Apparently this necklace is sold in regular Wet Seal stores too. :)

Overall, I loved my first visit to Wet Seal+. They gave me a spiffy coupon that can be used next month – $15 off my purchase of $50 or more. You betta believe I’m coming back! I could have grabbed SO many more things and spent a ton more money if I had let myself. The prices here are more than Forever 21, but less than Torrid and Lane Bryant. The style is a lot more contemporary than Lane Bryant as well. While I like LB (especially for bras and panties), some of the styles feel a bit matronly for someone my age (I’m just about to turn 28 for those of you keeping track!). I can’t wait to come back next month with my coupon and get some more goodies. I’m seeing Wet Seal+ as the alternative to ill-fitting Old Navy Plus when it comes to affordable fashion. Yeah!

Bubbleshield Reusable Waterproof iPhone Sleeve


I’m sure most of you are like me – your smartphone is pretty much an appendage. My phone never leaves my side. But that can be problematic when any sort of moisture is involved. Phone + water = no bueno. Show of hands if you’ve ever spilled something on your phone or dropped it into water…

Enter, BubbleShield! The BubbleShield is a genius little device brought to you by The Joy Factory. It’s a reusable, yet also disposable little sleeve that completely protects your smartphone (or tablet – there are many sizes) from water, dirt, and other hazards. While it looks like essentially a plastic ziplock baggie, it’s completely touch sensitive (meaning you can still text your friends, take instagram pictures, etc.) all while protecting your phone!

I put my BubbleShield to the ultimate test – I took it out to Knott’s Soak City! My phone was safe and sound, and I was able to take great pictures. I’ve also taken my phone into the bathtub– get your mind outta the gutter, I was using Pandora to listen to music while I soaked!

I know this isn’t beauty-related, but I am so enamored with my little BubbleShield I just had to tell you about it. It’s perfect for event coverage, because you never know what can happen when you’re on a crowded show floor. With PHAMExpo and CosmoProf coming up, I know my BubbleShield will come in handy! It even has a hook on one corner that you can attach a lanyard to if you like. I may do that when I’m at trade shows so I can have a hands free (read: swatcheriffic!) experience.


The BubbleShield I have is the “XL Smartphone” size and fits my iPhone 4s even with a case on just fine. The Joy Factory’s website has size charts to help you figure out what size you need based on what device you have. For the XL Smartphone size, it comes with 5 sleeves in a pack for $19.95. The packaging pictured above was just for a single sleeve so yours might look different if you order. As of right now, you can also use the code gigasavvy for 20% off your order. I do not know the end date of this code.

Head to Sunglass Hut and Experience #94ShadesofSummer


I’ve been catching hell for my sunglass fancy for years. I’ve always been partial to the giant sunnies that kind of make me look like a bug. But did you know that those big sunglasses can also help prevent aging? Yeah, squinting causes wrinkles, people! And because I have green eyes, they’re more photosensitive than brown eyes, so I would be squinting a LOT if I didn’t have my shades at all times. It’s California, it’s sunny here. A lot.

I don’t really wear much jewelry, but I love my sunglasses! I have several pairs in rotation at all times (I think these days I switch between 3 or 4, but my collection is actually about double that). If I had limitless funds, however, I would have a whole wardrobe of stunner shades. Because of that, I am loving Sunglass Hut‘s new summer collection, the 94 Shades of Summer. 94 shades for each of the 94 days of summer! There’s truly something for everyone, or if you’re like me, this is pure sunglass porn.

Check out some of the selection from Sunglass Hut’s 94 Days of Summer —


See anything you love? I’m particularly fond of the blue Ray Bans and the cat-eye Dalmatian print lovelies by Miu Miu.

10% Off Plus Sizes at Forever 21

Hey all my fellow plus size ladies…just wanted to pass along that Forever 21 has 10% off their plus size selection now through 11/5/13. Simply use the code F21PLUSOFFER.

If you want some shopping suggestions, I picked out a few of my fav items as well as the perfect accessories to pair with them! Take a look…


#1. Pleated Geo Button Jacket ($29.80) – This unique jacket is feminine and also edgy with the geo buttons. I’d continue the juxtaposition of feminine + edgy with the accessories, using these wide calf harness boots ($42.80) and pearl spiked rings ($6.80). Outfit-wise there’s a lot you can do. I’d probably opt for dark denim and simple tee.

#2. Sorry Not Sorry Raglan Sweatshirt ($22.80) – I love this sweatshirt. I’ve been known to use and abuse the #sorrynotsorry hashtag from time to time, so I would totally rock this. Since if I were wearing a sweatshirt I wouldn’t want to bother with a bunch of jewelry, I thought these studded hightops ($39.80) were the perfect pairing with this sassy sweater. The “Rad” mirror compact ($3.80) was just an extra bit of fun I thought was cute.

#3. Bold Striped Hi-Low Skirt ($19.80) – I never jumped on the high-low skirt trend before, but I would for this skirt. I love the stripes, and I like that this skirt shows a little bit of leg (but not too much). I don’t like showing a lot of skin in general, but a little peek is kind of fun. ;) As we get into cooler weather I could see this looking cute with either pumps or heeled boots and a blazer. For this post I accessorized the skirt with these multi-tonal bangles ($4.80) and a fun red umbrella ($9.80).

#4. Spotted Textured Combo Dress ($24.80) – The first of 2 “LBDs” I picked. I love the black on black texture of the bodice of this dress, and the floaty chiffon skirt. Sure it’s a little bare for winter, but you could easily put on some tights and a sweater with this cute little frock. For the accessories, I kept with the cat theme and chose this awesome cat charm bracelet ($7.80) and super cute cat iPhone case ($8.80).

#5. Elegant Draped Fit & Flare Dress ($32.80) – I just loved the flattering drapes of this cute LBD. It’s a classic style that you could wear to a variety of occasions. I’d wear it with some tights and black booties and a little shell cardigan for holiday parties. Accessory-wise I wanted to glam it up a bit since it’s a basic black dress. I picked a very much on-trend gold metallic ponytail cuff ($3.80) and a studded wrap bracelet ($8.80).

Avon Product of the Week: BCA Collection 2013


I really wanted to share the Avon Breast Cancer Awareness items for 2013. One of the reasons I really wanted to share this collection is because 100% of the net profits are donated (in other words, they aren’t making any profit – they’re just covering the cost of making the items). The items are all very affordable, and Avon tells you right there exactly what amount from your purchase is getting donated.

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Top Hair Styles for Fall 2013


What are the top hair style trends going to be for Fall 2013? I got the scoop from stylist Mario Russo of Salon Mario Russo in Boston!

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Attention Shopping Addicts…


Attention all shopping addicts…welcome to your new addiction: Tophatter live auctions. Let me show you how it works!

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Now Buy This – mark. Change It Up Bag


I know, I know…it isn’t even Christmas yet and I’m already giving you ideas on what to buy with your Christmas money…you’re welcome.

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Where I Shop

Since I love to shop, and surely at least some of you do too ;) I thought I’d share my favorite places to shop online. I’d love to know where you like to shop too!


As I’ve mentioned here and on Twitter, I am plus sized and finding cute clothes is a challenge. Then again, isn’t finding cute clothes a challenge no matter what size you are? Anyway… the places I shop most often for clothes are Old Navy and Lane Bryant. I like Old Navy because it’s cheap and they have sales all the time. I’m pretty sure every one of my jeans is from Old Navy as well. I like that the short inseam is the perfect length for me. Sometimes I wear the plus size jeans and sometimes I wear the regular women’s jeans. Either one is fine. I like the Diva cut and the Sweetheart cut. I also have some skinnies from ON that I’m very much obsessed with. I have posted before about the Old Navy lace thong that is like Hanky Panky but for $5, well it seems they discontinued them. HEARTBROKEN over that! But they still have another of my fashion staples – the bra cami. I don’t use the bralet inside as my bra, I wear it over my regular bra. But those camis add so much more support, and are great for the gym or for under work clothes. Speaking of bras (and work clothes!) that’s what I mostly get from Lane Bryant. Their right fit trousers are great for work, as are their “perfect shirts” – that’s the short sleeved button down shirt that they always have in whatever the season’s colors are. I also love Cacique bras. I don’t own any bras that aren’t from Cacique. They’re the absolute best I have ever tried. When I was unemployed I tried to save money by getting cheaper bras from Walmart and they just fell apart in a few months whereas I’ve had Cacique bras that lasted years. They’re kind of expensive, but they go on sale a lot and are almost always buy one get one half off. Sweet!

I do shop other places for clothes, but that’s where I have gotten the most stuff. I also have a few things from Torrid, though I find their clothes to frequently be overpriced and not the greatest quality sometimes, and a few things from Gap too. I also find great workout clothes at Target. Their sports bras are awesome. Recently I found out about the ASOS Curve line, and I think as soon as I can afford it I’m going to be splurging on some of the fantastic pieces there. If any of you have any of the ASOS Curve line please tell me how you like it! I’m also really curious about the Curvy Plus line from ShopRuche.com. I saw their ad on Facebook and it looked cool so I bookmarked it. Everything seems to be low inventory though, and sells out quickly. Lame.

Other assorted plus sized sites I frequently stalk and drool over are: Alight, PlusSizeFix, Kiyonna, and B & Lu. I like to look at the plus size offerings from Forever 21 on occasion, but on the few trips I’ve taken to try stuff on, the clothes have fit me really weird. I’ve been told Wet Seal‘s plus line is good, and they often have really cute things on the site, but I haven’t tried any of it. If you’re not shopping online, go to Ross. I have gotten some really cute dresses there, including a plum stunner that I get complimented on virtually every time I wear it, and it was only $15 or so.


Sooo….I’m not much of an accessories person normally. In high school I used to wear all sorts of gaudy, super tacky plastic jewelry. After high school when I entered the work world I ditched all my cheap jewelry but never really bothered to replace it with “grown up” jewelry. The jewelry I wear nowadays is still cheap, but it’s a lot less juvenile and very rarely is it plastic ;). The majority of my jewelry is from Forever 21, but I have found some really nice things at Charlotte Russe, and I got some great bangles from Torrid. I still have a few pairs of Claire’s earrings, but they’re the least tacky ones I had from that era. My prized earrings are a little pair of silver bow earrings by Juicy Couture that came from an outlet.

As far as non-jewelry accessories go, I don’t do those too often either. Except headbands. I’m obsessed with headbands and I wear them a lot. I used to be a total hat person but I’ve gotten rid of a lot of my hats because I never wore them. I also have a scarf I got from Walmart (! I know, I know) that looks surprisingly classy.

If you’re looking for unique and not super expensive accessories, Etsy is a great place to look too. And of course, my new love – ASOS. They have gorgeous accessories. I have one other guilty pleasure – designer sunglasses. I have 4 pairs of designer shades (2 Coach, 1 Betsey Johnson, and 1 Dolce & Gabana). All of them were purchased at outlets. You can get such great deals on designer sunglasses at places like Saks Off 5th, Nordstrom Rack, and in the case of the Betsey Johnson sunnies, Ideeli.


Ivy over at Jeweled Thumb will hate me for saying this, but I love cheap shoes. Some of my favorite shoes are from Payless. However, I also like nicer shoes (thanks to a gentle erm, kick in the right direction from Ivy!). When I want nicer shoes without spending a ton of money I turn to DSW, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, and Piperlime. Nordstrom Rack and places of its ilk are great for shoe shopping on a budget as well.

So how about you…? Where do you shop?

Must Have Makeup Mirror

I often find myself cruising the Sephora website just to see what’s new. I’m weird like that. Call it an “occupational hazard” of being a beauty blogger. I squee’ed with glee at seeing this mirror on the Sephora website:

The stars mean it’s shiny. 

The Sephora lighted compact mirror is $15, and a convenient size for a purse. Perfect for when you want to touch up on the go but lighting is less than ideal. It reminded me of a lighted mirror I saw Lorraine Stanick showing on her Youtube channel, but cheaper. I added it to my Amazon Wishlist (god I’m addicted to using that Universal Wishlist button!), but removed it when I saw an identical mirror on the Buy In Coins website for $5.48 and free shipping. The price per piece goes down if you order more than 1, by the way.
It comes in assorted colors and you do not get to choose, but they’re all fine and for the price I didn’t really care. I lucked out though! The mirror I got is PINK! I hit the color lottery. It’s adorable!
Sorry for the fingerprints. Didn’t notice until I’d already uploaded the photos. Oops.

“Action Shot”
One other cool thing is if you notice the picture on the BIC website, the bottom part of the mirror swivels all the way back, so it can just sit on your tabletop both ways. It’s a really handy little mirror with a very sturdy magnetic closure. The lights are turned on with a little button in the hinge. 
Even though it took quite a while to get here (BIC is in Hong Kong and often shipping takes 2-4 weeks. For me it took about 2, including the holiday rush). At this price, you could afford to get a few and keep them all over the house, in the car, and in each purse! They’d also make a great gift or party favor. I really love this mirror! Sometimes it’s really the little things that make me so very happy when it comes to makeup.