A Hands On Beauty Tip

Here’s a random beauty tip for you that I thought I should share.

I just applied my eye cream as I prepare to get ready for bed. Some people might think that being just under 23 is too young for eye cream, but I already have undereye fine lines so why not? It’s a good idea to start young and make good habits! :)
My eye cream bottle has a pump dispenser. It always dispenses a little bit too much for the eye area. You have to be careful not to over apply eye cream because if you put too much on you can cause milia, which aren’t fun or cute.
Anyway, they say other than your face, your age really shows in your hands. So when I apply eye cream, I rub the excess cream into my hands. Keeps them soft and smooth and hey since my eye cream is made from coffee beans they also smell fantastic. ;)