June Blog Sale


Hey guys…I’m having a blog sale…

  • Email sales (at) glossmenagerie dot com to purchase. Please include your paypal email if it is different from the email you use to inquire. :)
  • Once I invoice you, if you do not pay your invoice within 24 hours I will consider you to have changed your mind and go on to the next person!
  • I’m open to haggling, but don’t low-ball me and please don’t haggle unless you’re buying multiple items.
  • only accept Paypal as payment.
  • Shipping within the US is $3.50 for most packages (up to several small items). This covers First Class shipping to you, delivery confirmation, and my materials. Heavier items or large sales will be required to pay actual shipping. If you’re buying a bunch of things and I think a Flat Rate box might be cheaper than actual shipping, I’ll let you know.
  • International buyers are welcome, just ask for a shipping quote.
  • All sales are 100% final. No returns/exchanges.
  • ***I wrap carefully, but you may have your package insured at your cost. Just let me know if you’d like to add insurance.
  • I am not looking to swap any of my sale items at this time. Please do not offer swaps. Thank you.
  • I try my best to take color-accurate photos, but they are only meant to be used as a guide to show the use of an item and its condition. If you are unsure about color, please also do a google image search to ensure you know what you are buying!



MAC Lustreglasses ($10 each) L to R:

Little Vi
Flash Mode
Star Nova
Love Knot


MAC Lipglasses L to R: ($10 each)

Hush Hush Rose
Electric Fuchsia
Song and Dance (lettering wearing off tube) – $9


MAC Lipglass ($10 each) L to R:

So This Season
Pinking Shear
Lip 65
On Display


MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks L to R: ($12 each)

Gotta Dash!
Supremely Confident


MAC Lipstick L to R:

Naturally Eccentric – $20
Ultra Madame – $10
Strayin’ – $30 (SOLD)


MAC Lipsticks L to R:
Screenqueen – $50 SOLD
All Revealing – $10 SOLD
Brew – $10


MAC Lipsticks L to R:

Budding Lust – $15
Violetta – $10 (SOLD)
Spice – $10 (SOLD)
Courting Lilac – $15 (SOLD)
Pure Decoration – $10 (SOLD)


MAC Lipsticks L to R:

Orchidazzle – $15 (SOLD)
Up The Amp – $8
Mlle – $20
Playing Koi – $20
Spice – $8 (SOLD)
Fresh Buzz – $10


MAC Lipsticks L to R:

Strange Hybrid – $10
Cherish – $7 (SOLD)
High Tea – $7 (SOLD)
Punkin’ – $10
Festivity – $5 (SOLD)
Sandy B – $8 (PENDING)


MAC Lipsticks L to R:

Saint Germain (marked sample) – $12
London Life – $8 (SOLD)
Sequin – $5 (SOLD)
Half n Half – $7  (SOLD)
Scanty – $5  (SOLD)
Her Fancy – $10


MAC Lipsticks L to R:

Jubilee – $10
Pomposity – $12
Danse – $10
Creme de la Femme – $12
Hang-Up – $10 (SOLD)
Intricate – $12


MAC Lipglass L to R ($10 each)

Baby Blooms
Summer Crop
Utterly Discrete
En Pointe
Sonic Vibe


MAC Archies Girl Lipstick ‘Betty Bright’ swatched 1x still with box – $50


Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks $3 each



NYX Lipsticks $1 Each — (L to R, back to front)

Sparkling Apricot
Pure Red
Fortune Cookie
Lip Du Jour


Vincent Longo Gel-X Lipstick in Time $10
Vincent Longo SPF 12 Baby Balm in Catalina Rose $8


Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Infrared – $15


Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick #50 – $10


Shu Uemura Lolishine Rouge #333 – $10


Urban Decay Lipsticks

Back Row L to R: Jailbait ($15), Vinyl ($18), Confession ($18), Peroxide ($18), Lovechild ($18), Midnight Cowboy ($15)

Middle Row L to R: Naked ($15), Rush ($15)

Front Row L to R: Buzzkill ($15), Gash ($18)


Stila Lip Glaze (large size)

Ulta-mate Pink – $7
Cinnamon – $9
Fig – $9
Pomegranate – $10
Candied Apple – $10
Vanilla – $7
Passion Fruit – $10


Christian Dior Petal Shine Quint – $35


MAC EZ Baby Tendertone – $12


MAC Hot ‘n Saucy Tendertone – $12


MAC Tendertones (brand new without box)

Softnote – $15
Shush! – $15
Tender Baby – $15


MAC Lipglass (Liberty of London packaging) in Perennial High Style – BNIB – $25


MAC Pigments CW from Top:

Spiritualize – $25
Milk – $25
Push The Edge – $12 (half jar)
Antique Green – $25
Violet – $25


MAC Infatuating Rose Palette – $30


MAC Intriguing Scarlet Palette – $30


Urban Decay Deluxe Palette – $15


Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude Palette – $30


MAC 6 Dashing Lassies Palette – $30


MAC Lip Glosses L to R:

Dazzleglass Glamour OD – $15
Dazzleglass Via Veneto – $15
Glimmerglass Blackfire – $20
Dazzleglass Date Night – $15
Dazzleglass Bare Necessity – $8
Dazzleglass Steppin Out – $10
Cremesheen Glass Ever So Rich – $20


MAC Lipglass L to R:

Frozen Dream – $10
Culture Clash – $10
Standing Ovation – $10
Rich n Ripe – $10
Desire – $10 Lull – $10


MAC Lip Glasses L to R:

Snowscene – $10
Icescape – $10


Stila Lip Glaze (mini size) (names may not be in the order they are in the photo)

Marmalade – $3
Apricot – $3
Plum Fairy – $5
Raisin – $5
Kitten – $5
Grapefruit – $5
Candy – $5
Starfruit – $5
Cranberry – $5

Or take all the minis for $35!


Chanel Glossimer – Pagoda – $10
Chanel Glossimer – Equinoxe – $8
Revlon Colorburst Gloss – Peony – $3
Revlon Colorburst Gloss – Strawberry – $3
Buxom gloss mini in Sugar – $3


MAC Old Style Quad – BNIB – $4


Stila Trio – unknown name – $10


Stila Trio – Red Carpet Look – $10


Laura Mercier palette – includes 2 quads and 2 cake liners – $20


MAC Warm Palette – $30


Annabelle trio in Hot Fudge – htf in the USA – $10


Stila Blanc Palette – $15


Stila Adventurous in Aspen palette – $8


Stila Empowered in Pink palette – htf – $15


Stila Pretty in Paris palette – $8


Stila Road to Radiance palette – $10


Stila Trendsetting in Tokyo palette – $12


or take all of these Stila palettes for $48


MAC Lilacrush Lip Gelee – $10


MAC Delicate Crush lip glass mini – $4


MAC Star Nova lustreglass mini – $4


MAC Lip Glass Minis

Elle – $4
Pink Poodle – $1 (SOLD)
Cruise Control – $4


MAC Solar Bits

Black Ore – $25
Impassioned – $25


MAC Pigment Vials L to R

Gold Dusk – $10
Gold Mode – $10  (SOLD)
Reflects Antique Gold – $10
Gold Stroke – $10


MAC Shadows

Gesso – $10
Mont Black – $15
Silverthorn – $15


MAC Shadows

Top Hat – $15
Fertile – $15


MAC Shadows L to R

Buckwheat – $15 (SOLD)
Rose Blanc – $8


MAC Shadows Top Right CW:

Clue – $10
Blackberry – $10 (SOLD)
Hypnotizing – $20
Moth Brown – $20


MAC Shadows CW from Top Right:

Creme de Violet – $9
Very Violet – $10
Of Summer – $10
Scene 1 – $9


MAC shadows CW from Top:

Greensmoke – $10
Velvet Moss – $15
One Off – $12


MAC Shadows CW from Top Right

Freshwater – $10
Zonk Bleu! – $15
Moonflower – $12
Birds & Berries – $15 (PENDING)
Star By Night – $12
Ingenue Blue – $15


NYX Shadows L to R

Luxor – $2 Frosted Lilac – $2


Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow – Ruthless – $10


L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadows L to R

Perpetual Purple – $5 Midnight Blue – $5


Inglot AMC Shine 36 Eye Shadow – new – $7


MAC Bloodline Pigment – BNIB – $20


MAC Mineralize Eye Shadows

Tres Teal – $10 Whim – $10


MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos CW from Top Right:

Sea & Sky – $12
Illusionary/Burning Ambition – $12
Earthly Riches – $12
Family Silver – $12


MAC Mineralize Blush Duos CW from Top Right:

Love Rock – $15
Happy Together – $15
Light Over Dark – $15
Earth to Earth – $15


(Left) MAC Summer Rose Beauty Powder – $20

(Right) MAC Blush of Youth Beauty Powder – $20


MAC Mineralize Skin Finish from TOP, CW –

Soft ‘n Gentle – $30 (PENDING)
Cheeky Bronze – $30
Gold Deposit – $30 (PENDING)
Perfect Topping – $25  (SOLD)
Light Flush – $30 (SOLD)

Please email sales (at) glossmenagerie dot com to purchase any of the items listed here. 

New Blog Feature – Blog Sale Page

Yeah I gots mad MS Paint skills. For what it’s worth, I really do know how to make shiny pretty graphics…but sometimes I’m just too lazy to wait 10 minutes for Photoshop to boot. Derp. Anyway, so … [Read more…]

Having Another Blog Sale…

Hi everyone,

Mostly just posting this so people who don’t follow me on Twitter will be in the know…I am having another blog sale! This time it’s kind of an emergency…boyfriend’s truck needs a repair that will cost about $600 and we just plain don’t have it, so I’m trying to raise some cash (we’re both unemployed…sigh).

So, if you’d be so kind, please check out the sale. Tons of MAC stuff listed, and other things.

Another way you could help would be if you are planning on making a mark. purchase any time soon, do so via my mark e-boutique so I could get the few bucks commission, pretty please? Every drop in the bucket, blah blah blah…

Please & thank you.


It’s Raining Sideways!

If you get that Family Guy reference in the post title, I think I love you. Anyway, as you might have seen on the news (or out your window if you live near me) So-Cal has been getting drenched in basically a week straight of rain. I know you readers out there who live in places with weather probably don’t understand the big deal, but for us it’s a huge deal. :) There’s actually been flash flood warnings and the whole nine yards, so I have rarely left the house much for the past week. Which thrills me. Not.

Anyway, the point of this post is not a weather update really. I wanted to let everyone who is waiting for Blog Sale and Up For Grabs items as well as contest prizes know that because of all this crap on top of the holiday rush, packages still aren’t done being mailed to everyone. You’ve all been so wonderfully patient and I’m afraid I must ask for you to continue to be. Everything will get mailed before the end of the month for certain.

Muchos gracias,


Cheap Makeup For Sale!

Hi everyone! I’m selling stuff from my stash again! Lots of great deals to be had on MAC, Stila, NYX, Urban Decay, mark. and more! Check it out!

Back to School Sale

Hello everyone…just dropping in to let those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter know that I am having another blog sale! I gave my Twitter followers a head start. If you want first dibs next time, you know what to do! ;)

Check out the Back to School Sale!

Summer De-Stashing Sale!

My summer de-stashing sale is ON NOW!

Lots of MAC, Stila, NYX, & more! Most things are under $10.


Enjoy! Happy shopping!

Sale Update

Hey everyone…

So far the sale has been going swimmingly. However, I have a request of you. I think I’ve invoiced everyone for their purchases, but if you inquired about an item and did NOT receive an invoice, please, please please let me know! Contact me via the “Contact Me” form on the right hand top side of the blog and let me know what you wanted to buy and where I can invoice you.

If you received an invoice and paid and want to know the status of your package, check your paypal. Packages that have shipped are all marked ‘shipped’ through paypal. I think it sent you notifications but just in case it didn’t send or it got stuck in your spam folder or whatever, please check the status of your transaction w/ paypal. Not everyone’s purchases have shipped yet (namely the international girls, sorry– I haven’t been able to get to the post office during office hours yet), so if your transaction is not marked ‘shipped’, don’t panic. You can still inquire of course though.

Any other questions/concerns regarding the sale, feel free to use the “Contact Me” form and get in touch with me. I’ll answer right away. :)

Thank you everyone for making the blog sale a huge success!!

Big Blog Sale – Part 1

Alrighty! The “real” sale with photos has begun!

Just to be clear…these are all things I like! I just have way too much stuff, and limited storage space. I’m making room for new things to review and show you in 2010. :)

Shipping is $3.50 to the US (give or take depending on if you buy a lot/heavy items etc.– we’ll discuss!)
International Shipping – negotiable (depends what you buy and where you live)
Payment via Paypal only
**If you do not want to leave a comment w/ your paypal info, please use the “contact me” form to do so.

Click Any Photo to View Full Size!

On to the sale…

NYX Green Eyes palette – swiped 1x each shade – $6
NYX I Dream of Barbados palette – used 1x – $8
Revlon Illuminance quad in Va Va Violets – new, but outside is kinda ‘eh’ looking – $2 or
FREE w/ any purchase
Flirt eyeshadows – depotted from the 40 shadow palette (first edition) – $.50 each or
$7 for the lot (save $1.50)
Stila Look 3 palette – brand new/sealed (left) – $15
Stila Look 4 palette – brand new/sealed (right) – $15
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars – $10 each
Left Hand Row Top to Bottom: sold, Feathered, sold
Right Hand Row Top to Bottom: Pageant, Rx, sold
Stila pans – Indigo, Coco, Summer – new in plastic – $5 each
Stila potted shadows (see photo for use) – Java ($3), Dragonfly duo ($8), Mambo ($5)
(off camera) 2 empty Stila 4-pans – gently used – $8 / only one left
Stila Petal cream eyeshadow – new – $5
Stila All Over Shimmer #7 – new – $5
Stila All Over Shimmer #12 – new – $5
Stila Perfecting Foundation in Shade A – swiped 1x – $7
LA Splash lipgloss in Fashionista – 1x – $3
Youngblood lipgloss in Promiscuous – new – $5
Senna lip lacquers – SOLD
Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Minx – new – $7
Urban Decay Heavy Metal liner in Groupie – SOLD
MAC marbled lipglass in Eclectic Edge – 2x – SOLD
Stila It Gloss in Smashing – new – SOLD
Vincent Longo lipgloss in Amalfi Dream – new – $6
Laura Geller Lip Shiners in City Lights (mini) – new – free w/ any purchase
Stila lip glaze in Plum (full size) – 1x – $6

Blog Sale Preview

Hi all!

I’m working on some spring cleaning (a little early, hehe) and I have a ton of makeup both brand new and very lightly used or tested that I am looking to unload! I haven’t had time to photograph everything, but I wanted to have a special “preview” sale. If you see something on this list you can jump in and grab it now instead of waiting until I post pictures. This is great for someone who already knows the product and was just waiting for the right opportunity to come along. ;)

On To The Sale…

Payment Accepted Via Paypal ONLY
US & International
Shipping – US is $3.50 unless you are buying a lot or heavier items (negotiable)
International shipping will vary.

If you want something please tell me what item and where you’re located, as well as an email address to invoice you.

Jane Soft Mink – swiped 1x – $1
Milani Coffee ‘n Creme – swiped 1x – $2
Milani Wine ‘n Roses (small dip forming) – $1

ELF Studio Cool Bronzer – swiped 1x – SOLD
CARGO The Big Bronzer – swiped 1x – $8
Tarte Glam Gams bronzing stick mini – new – $2

Maybelline Dream Mousse – Fair 01 – used 1x – $2
Maybelline Superstay – Light – 1x – $2

Urban Decay Surreal Skin in Illusion – 2x – $10
Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse – Classic Ivory – new – $4
KohGenDo Maifanshi Moisture HD Makeup in a very pale pink shade – 2x – $10
FACE Atelier Zero Plus NEW – SOLD
FACE Atelier Honey NEW – $10
Maybelline Superstay 2x – Porcelain – $4

Coastal Scents 1 oz Silica Spheres NEW – SOLD
MAC Softdew Beauty Powder – 1 or 2x – patternmaker – $20

ELF Makeup Wipes – new – SOLD

Korres Basil & Lemon Shower Gel mini NEW – $6
B&BW Tropical Colada shimmer lotion 1 or 2x – $5
L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Tanning Lotion Fair – 1x – $8

MAC Evening Aura – lightly used – $9
MAC Pandamonium – new w/o box $15
Smashbox 24 Kt – new – SOLD
Vincent Longo – Lily Mist NEW – $5
Stila Petal NEW – $5
MAD Minerals Plumkin NEW – $7
Stila Summer NEW – $5
Stila Indigo NEW – $5
Stila Dragonfly (duo) 1x – $8
Stila AOS #7 new – $5
Stila AOS #12 new – $5

Urban Decay Minx new – $7
Clinique Egyptian Cremeshaper 80% remaining – $6
Korres Soft Eyeliner in Black 1x – $6

Physicians Formula Pearls of Perfection – lightly used – SOLD
WnW AOS lightly used – $1
mark Glow Xpert Champagne Glow swatched 1x – $3

Stila Lip Glaze Plum 1x – $6
MAC Lipglass Chai 80% remains – SOLD
Stila Smashing It Gloss NEW – $5
Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Doug NEW – SOLD
Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Jesse 1x – SOLD
MAC Eclectic Edge 2x – $12

all lip tars are new..!
OCC Lip Tar – Katricia – $10
OCC Lip Tar – Grandma – $10 (PENDING)
OCC Lip Tar – Feathered – $10
OCC Lip Tar – Tarred – $10 (PENDING)
OCC Lip Tar – Pageant – $10
OCC Lip Tar – Rx – $10
MAC Tribalist 1x – $8
MAC Purple Rite 2x – $8
Maybelline Color Sensational on the mauve 1x – SOLD
Urban Decay Oil Slick 1x – $10

Lumiere angled skunk new – SOLD
Everyday Minerals Flat Top used – $5
Everyday Minerals Long Handled Kabuki used – $5
Sonia Kashuk Skunk used – SOLD

NYX Green Eyes swatched – $5
NYX Super Model new – $5
Stila Acupolco Trio swatched – $8
MAC Tempting Quad – BNIB – $36
MAC In The Gallery Quad BNIB – $40
Stila Front Cover Lookbook #3 BNIB w/ lipgloss – $20
Smashbox Rapture palette (1st edition) swatched e/s only – $45
Stila Contouring Trio swatched – $7
Kat Von D Rock ‘n Roll palette used 1x – $8 (PENDING)

Hard Candy Breakup 1x – $3
NYX Shy new – $3
NYX Sheer Lavender new – $3