Review: PCA Skin Total Wash Face & Body Cleanser

Alrighty everyone here’s another review from darling Nick aka Mr. Boyfriend. :)

The first time I used this product, I was surprised at what a pleasant smell it had yet how wasteful and difficult the packaging was. No matter which way you dispense it, somehow it tends to dribble or run-off a little bit, and for around $18 you’d expect better packaging and not for it to be so wasteful. The product also describes itself as foaming, but I had a hard time ever making any foam or bubbles out of it. Aside from these fairly minor problems I had with it, as a body wash it was pretty good. Like I said before, the smell is fairly pleasant. It strikes a good balance between a strong smell, but still being light. After using it my skin feels a lot more refreshed and it helped clear up some body acne. As for use on the face, I at first felt it underperformed.

Compared to some other products I had been testing out, it just seemed to not work as well. However, after a couple of good shaves, I got great results. Usually I’ll get some bad irritation on my chin and neck. I noticed that this product did a really great job on cutting down the burning feeling and irritation after a shave, and noticed a decrease in breakouts afterwards. I shaved a few days later without using this, and the irritation on my skin was very noticeable with an increase in breakouts around my neck.

Boyfriend Review – Stayclear Deep Cleansing Scrub

Mr. Boyfriend already took one for the team with his first review for ROHTO eye drops, but like a champ he is back at it and reviewing skin care! Which in and of itself is an achievement– I got my boyfriend to use skin care! Recently he tried out a few different products, and I would say this one got the best response out of him. Here are his thoughts…

Now I’m not one to regularly wash my face, and probably haven’t used a Clearasil product since my early to mid-teens, so I was a bit skeptical. This was also my first time ever using something that had microbeads, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was in for a shock.
Gone was the strong alcohol and chemical smell from my youth, and in its place was a mild, airy fragrance. The microbeads do a wonderful job of complimenting the cleanser, which helped clear up a couple of breakouts I had and got rid of some that were underneath my skin. The microbeads helped clear out a lot of the blackheads on and around my nose and helped my skin feel nice and soft. It left me feeling very refreshed afterwards. It lathers up very well too, so you can feel if you have enough or too little on your face even if your eyes are closed.
This is something that will definitely get me to wash my face more regularly and even enjoy it. The only drawback is it’s a little hard to fully rinse off, and doing this over a sink makes a bit of a mess.
Damn, not bad eh? He writes a pretty good review. Yeah, Im proud of my guy. :) For the record, Mr. Boyfriend is 25 and has normal-to-oily skin with occasional breakouts (usually caused by irritation from shaving, which is very common).

I tried the scrub too and have equally pleasant thoughts towards it. The active ingredient is salicylic acid 2%. Clearasil used to be products I hated, but this one is helping turn my mind around.

Straight From Hell – Rohto Arctic Eye Drops

So Mr. Boyfriend made his product testing debut last week. He spends a lot of time on the computer, so I figured the Rohto Arctic eye drops that say they soothe eye strain (and specifically mention spending a lot of time at the computer) would be perfect for him. His eyes do have a tendency to get red and sore. Should be perfect, right?

Boyfriend, being very official about the whole thing, had me standing by as he tried the drops. He squirted a couple drops in each eye and waited.
He didn’t wait very long. In fact, almost immediately he started groaning and blinking quickly. “Ahhh! MY EYES!!” ….and ran to the bathroom to rinse.
“Err so how would you sum up this product?” I asked.
“Ouchy burny eyes.” He said solemnly.
“Anything else to add?”
“No, ouchy burny pretty much covers it.”
So we examined the packaging to see what could have caused such a reaction. These drops contain menthol. MENTHOL. In your eyes? Menthol stings my nostrils just smelling it! Eeek! So Mr. Boyfriend took one for the team. These drops are a no-go.
You’re probably thinking Mr. Boyfriend isn’t interested in reviewing products anymore. Well, actually he took the whole thing in stride…and even gave them a second shot the next day! He explained he wanted to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. Well, it’s not. He ran to the bathroom and rinsed, and this time tossed the bottle of eyedrops in the trash.