It Cosmetics Favorites

Okay so. I wanted to get this brand on everyone’s radar if it isn’t already. The “IT” in IT Cosmetics stands for Innovative Technology, and so far I’m really liking what I’m seeing! I’ve been playing with and wearing several IT products for a while now, and I will be going more in-depth on each one in the future, but I just wanted to introduce them all to you in one place. 
These products are available at QVC,, Beauty 360, and of course their own website. QVC has lots of good sets that will save you some money, and who can’t use a little savings these days yeah? 
A couple of my favorite IT Cosmetics products are available for a really good price on QVC as a set. They are the Bye Bye Pores HD finishing powder and the accompanying Heavenly Brush. Normally the powder is $24 and the brush is $48, but you can get the set at QVC for $38.
Now I know there are tons of HD powders on the market right now since HD is the marketing buzz word of the year, but I really like this one. It is formulated to have anti-aging benefits as well as make you look airbrushed. And then there’s the brush. Oh. The. Brush. It’s called the Heavenly Brush for a reason people. It’s a super dense synthetic brush with an oh-so-luxe soft touch handle (the lid to the powder is a soft touch finish too). 
The next one had me really skeptical at first because anything that is “universal” immediately makes me pause. Universal? But there are so many different faces! All I know is this product works for me, and for my personal stash I guess that’s all that really matters…so, behold the Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil!
It claims to match any brow, but what I do notice is it actually is brown enough on me and not red. So many dark brown brow products go red on me. The attached spoolie is nice too. The pencil is formulated with ingredients to help your condition and grow your brows, but I haven’t been using it often or long enough to know if it’s helping. QVC sells this bad boy with another product called the Brow Power Lift that I have also been enjoying. It’s a dual-ended highlighter (matte & pearl) in a fleshy tone used to highlight and define the brows.
Those are my favorite items from IT Cosmetics, though they’re not the only ones I will be reviewing. There are some simply glorious eye shadow trios too that I just love (neutral loving gals will swoon!) as well as an eye shadow primer. 
Samples provided for editorial purposes.

Getting To Know L’Occitane

Before I was really involved in the beauty community, I’d never heard of L’Occitane. That in itself is strange, since the brand has been around since the 70s and is sold in 85 countries all over the world! To find the nearest L’Occitane boutique to you, try their boutique finder. I didn’t realize there’s one practically in my back yard. Wow. Bad blogger!

A Little History…

L’Occitane was founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan. Baussan was inspired by the Mediterranean culture to create a line of natural skincare based on phytotherapy. What is phytotherapy? Basically it means “to cure with plants”.

The brand prides itself on maintaining techniques perfected by locals of the brand’s land of origins in Provence and the Mediterranean as well as being respectful of people and the environment. They have even formed the L’Occitane Foundation, which helps teach these techniques to women so they can develop businesses in poor countries. L’Occitane has been developing a Fair Trade program in Burkina Faso for 20 years! Additionally, L’Occitane’s ingredients as well as finished products never have been and never will be tested on animals. Other than beehive-derived ingredients (honey, royal jelly, etc.) no ingredients are animal-sourced.

The Products…

I used to have a bar of L’Occitane soap (wrapped in their eco-friendly and sustainable packaging) that I kept in a cabinet simply to make the cabinet smell amazing. It’s their shea verbena soap. When I think of L’Occitane I think of that soft, yet vibrant and delicious fragrance. All of L’Occitane’s products smell so good, and so comforting. I’m not the only one who thinks so – L’Occitane also sells candles in their signature yummy scents. My favorite is the verbena, but lavender also smells divine. What’s your favorite?

This post is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of L’Occitane.