Morphé Brush of the Month Promo – BCA Edition


Each month, Morphé Brushes has a brush of the month. That brush is usually discounted (10%) for the duration of the month. This month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, Morphé is changing it up a bit.

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Avon Product of the Week: mark. Full Service 5-Piece Pro Brush Kit


Aren’t these cute? This week’s Avon product of the week is the mark. Full Service 5-Piece Pro Brush Kit. mark. is really pulling out all the stops during their anniversary year – the products they have been launching are so pretty.

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Introducing the Monday Mash-Up


In addition to now featuring an Avon or mark. product once a week, I am going to feature a combination of products each week that I love to use together…because beauty products don’t function in a vacuum! The Monday Mash-Up will highlight products that play well with others. It could be formulas that work well together, or colors I like pairing, or as in this week’s case, a combination of a tool + a product that work perfectly together.

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Senna Cosmetics Summer 2013 Collection Pictures & Swatches – Part 3


The third and final installment of my picture/swatch posts of Senna Cosmetics’ Summer 2013 collection – face stuffs! The face component of the collection includes 3 products: 2 mineral bronzer/highlighter duos called Brilliant Bronze, and the Powder Point brush #33.

Can we talk about how much I love the Senna Powder Point brush? Oh, yeah of course we can — it’s my blog! :) I LOVE THIS BRUSH. It’s so soft and fluffy, while the beveled shape still allows for precise application. I also adore the aqua handles on Senna brushes. The Powder Point brush retails for $38, and for such a high quality brush it is well worth it. For those wondering how it might compare to the MAC 138, it’s the same sort of idea at a significant savings (the MAC version retails for a steep $53). I don’t know much more than that about a comparison because I don’t own the 138. Like the MAC 138, the Senna Powder Point brush is made from natural fibers. I do have the Sigma F25 (formerly SS138, guess why…) which is cheaper than Senna’s brush but not quite as soft and it sheds a little bit, like all of my Sigma face brushes do. *sigh*



Yes these are baked mineral bronzer/highlighters, but unlike other brands’ similar products they actually contain skin-healthy pearl powder. Pearl powder contains amino acids and proteins to hydrate and nourish your skin. We cover our face in the stuff, why shouldn’t makeup pull double duty? Plus, I love to see it when a brand takes so much care with its ingredients. ;) These retail for $42.


Senna Brilliant Bronze Baked Mineral Bronzer/Highlighter in Dawn is described as light bronze with a seashell pink highlighter. The bronzer side has a quite rosy tone to it. You could totally wear this as blush for that warm pinky sun-kissed look. The highlighter is very light baby pink. Both shades have shimmer.

sennadawnheavySenna Brilliant Bronze Baked Bronzer/Highlighter in Dawn – heavily swatched on fair skin, direct sunlight.


Dawn, blended out. The highlighter and bronzer are both visible when the light hits them, but are definitely subtle. You can layer them however for a more intense look – this is how I personally would wear it since I’m so fair. :)


Senna Brilliant Bronze Baked Mineral Bronzer/Highlighter in Sunset is described as deep bronze with a golden highlighter. Don’t be intimidated by how dark the bronzer side is; Like its companion Dawn, Sunset is a buildable, flattering shade. This bronzer/highlighter would complement a variety of skintones. Both sides do have shimmer

sennasunsetheavySenna Sunset swatched heavily.


Blended out as if I were going to wear it.

Get $10 Off Your Purchase at!


Just saw an awesome deal for Tarte that only lasts ’til 11:59 pm EST 3/30/13. – Get $10 off an order of $50 or more with the code BUNNY. Also, shipping is free on orders of $40 or more! And if you want some shopping inspiration, these are my faves from Tarte…

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Makeup Brush Cleaning Tips

Jacks Beauty Line

The inspiration for this post comes from Pinterest. Now, I love me some Pinterest. I’m on that site pretty much daily. But Pinterest, you suck at brush care. Fo’ reals. Keeping reading for my makeup brush cleaning tips, and for the craziest shit I’ve ever read on Pinterest…

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Enkore Makeup Deep Conditioning Brush Soap Review


I didn’t go to IMATS LA to buy a brush soap. In fact, I didn’t know this was even a thing until I met up with Mai from Portrait of Mai and we were talking about stuff she bought/wanted to buy at IMATS. The minute I saw this I knew it had to come home with me… [Read more…]

My ULTAmate Wish List


ULTA is sending out those magical 20% off cards again! They’re good for 20% off almost anything in the store, including most of the prestige brands, with a few exceptions. The one going around right now exclude Lancome, Dermalogica, and Urban Decay, but if you’re going to take your coupon on a little haul, check out my recommendations!

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My Most Beloved Beauty Products of 2012


It is the time of the year when we pause to reflect back…blah blah blah, here’s the stuff I was most obsessed with over the past 12 months. :)

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Win My SOHO Brushes! (CLOSED)

Hey hey pretties (ladies and gents both!)! A few days ago I posted a review of five SOHO Beauty brushes from their professional collection. Well guess what! I have extras of all of them to give away to you! [Read more…]