Networking Made Easy with CardMunch

As I’m getting prepared for IMATS LA 2011, one thing I know I will experience is coming home with a purse full of business cards. As a beauty blogger, or a makeup artist, or really any kind of professional you just can’t help but come home from a trade event like IMATS without a stack of business cards from all of the various contacts you met. So then comes the fun task of logging all of those contacts. Well, I was surfing around the iPhone App Store recently and I found something that I think is way cool. That is, if your definition of cool is as nerdy as mine. :)
CardMunch is a simple, yet genius idea for people who tend receive a lot of business cards only to promptly lose them to the abyss aka a purse. Here’s how it works…
Step 1 – Using the CardMunch app, photograph the business card you wish to add to your contacts.
Step 2 – The CardMunch app transmits the card to their team of transcriptionists – these are LIVE people who read the card to ensure accurate info.
Step 3 – CardMunch will automatically add the new contact’s information to your CardMunch address book. From there you can add it to your iphone Contacts, or set it up to automatically add all info to your iphone Contacts whenever you submit a card.
The turn-around is lightning quick for me so far, but they say it can take up to 24 hours for their team to transcribe your submitted cards. 
Best of all? The app, and this service, are completely free. They were recently acquired by LinkedIn and have since made everything a free service. From the CardMunch app you can also add your new contacts to your LinkedIn network. Very. Cool. Professionals, this is a must-have app for your iphone! It is coming soon to Blackberry; I don’t know about Android but I would imagine that is in the works as well.