Cosmetic Industry Giants Facing Lawsuit

Three of the cosmetics industry’s biggest companies, Mary Kay, Avon, and Estee Lauder (and all the brands under them!) have been named in a class action lawsuit filed in California on behalf of American consumers. The lawsuit sites that these companies fraudulently claimed not to be doing animal testing when in fact they were, misleading the American public.

This lawsuit comes after the news in February that PETA was removing these companies from their cruelty free list. The reason that these companies were removed is they are sold in China. China requires cosmetics to be tested on animals, so there isn’t any way these companies could truly be cruelty free. The lawsuit seeks more than $100,000,000 in punitive and compensatory damages for a class of more than 1,000,000 consumers.

I am actually really happy to hear about this. Whether or not you are a cruelty free beauty user exclusively, I like the idea of these corporations being held responsible. I hate that companies are able to get away with being vague about their practices, and maybe this lawsuit will help encourage other companies (okay, scare them) to be more transparent and forthcoming with information to consumers. Maybe it will also make them think twice about this whole thing, and flex their power and influence to get China’s animal testing policies changed. Cosmetics are a multi billion dollar industry. Surely there’s something someone can do?

The technology is already out there to test cosmetic products without the use of animals. Usually these matters all come down to one thing: money. And that is why I hope the lawsuit not only goes forward, but that they win. You can’t teach a large company anything unless you hit them where they will feel it: their bottom line. Whether or not you are worried about animal testing, we simply cannot allow companies to lie to consumers, even by omission.

Lush Lashes & Pink Lips Inspired by Betsey Johnson Spring 2012 RTW!

When you’re witnessing a Betsey Johnson runway show at Fashion Week, especially among the likes of fearless fashion pioneer Nicki Minaj, you know you’re in for a no-holds-barred treat. And the Spring 2012 RTW runway show did not disappoint with its lingerie-inspired pieces, patent leather details, cheeky prints (what’s a Betsey show without cartoon skulls?), and of course, in-your-face punchy makeup that reminded us of a modern pin-up girl gone wild… or just plain Betsey-fied! Doll-like fringe-y fake lashes with glittery silver liner gave the models the perfect naughty-but-nice doe-eyed look (but still with plenty of edge), while glossy neon pink lips stood out to even the bloggers back in the nosebleed seats! If you’re gutsy when it comes to makeup and aren’t afraid to try out the amped-up coquettish look inspired by the Betsey Johnson runway, look no further! Wear them together for a high-fashion night-out look, or go slightly more subtle by channeling Betsey-inspired doe eyes or alternatively, stand-out luscious pink lips!
– Alex Gambardella for TheFind

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This has been a guest post by our partners at TheFind.